Behind Enemy Lines, Part 2

To find out about this week's Dolphins opponent, the Washington Redskins, we checked in with Warpath Insiders' John Keim to ask him some questions about the team and this week's matchup. Part 2 touches on the defense, Coach Joe Gibbs and Keim's prediction for the game.

Q. How big of an impact are the Skins expecting from first-round pick LaRon Landry?

Keim: OK, I guess I just answered that a little bit in Part 1. I think they're expecting a big impact. Landry was one of the more impressive, or at least noticeable, defenders in camp. They've put him in a position where he doesn't have to think a ton, allowing him to play on instincts and reactions. What we don't know is how well he'll cover. But it's very telling that he's started from Day One. Gregg Williams simply does not do that with rookies, so that tells you what they think of him.

Q. Is there anybody on special teams the Dolphins should be worried about?

Keim: The Redskins special teams coverage units are pretty good and the kicking game is solid, or could be. Kick returner Rock Cartwright returned one kick for a touchdown last year, but was otherwise decent but nothing special. Antwaan Randle El has not returned a punt this preseason, but that's clearly still his role. He gets as many zero yard returns as he does 16-yarders. He can be dangerous because he's shifty, but that also makes him ineffective at times.

Q. Have there been any grumblings in Washington about Joe Gibbs and his coaching ability based on the results of the past three seasons?

Keim: Yes. More fans have wondered about his ability to turn it around. However, some of that talk has been muted because with the season having yet to start, there's still hope that maybe this season will be the one. But two losing seasons in his first three certainly have caused many to wonder about him. Many voice their frustrations reluctantly because it would be like criticizing someone like Don Shula. Gibbs is a hero in this area and will always remain so. I think the biggest criticism lies with his role as team president and his inability to bring in the right players and poor drafts (beyond the first round).

Q. What player is most likely to emerge and become a big-time player for the Redskins this season?

Keim: Weakside linebacker Rocky McIntosh. He was a second-round draft pick last year, but did not start until injuries forced him into the lineup for the last two games. He struggled to pick up the defense. But, outside of Campbell, he had the best offseason and it showed this summer. He looked fast, decisive and physical.

Q. What is your prediction for Sunday's game?

Keim: First, I think the Redskins are a 7-9 team, which means with a few breaks they could be a playoff contender. But I think they have some holes. However, I think the Dolphins have more. Both teams have excellent defenses, but the Redskins' offense is probably much further along than Miami's. That'll make the difference as Washington wins 17-9.

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