Scouting the New Safeties

To find out more about the Dolphins' two new safeties, Donovin Darius and Lamont Thompson, we checked in with the publishers for the teams they used to be --'s Charlie Bernstein and's Stan Jones.

First, we get the scoop on Darius, the longtime Jacksonville Jaguars safety, with these comments from Bernstein:

"Donovin Darius was let go due to his salary of $3.5 million for the 2007 season, combined with the fact that he hasn't been able to finish a season since 2004. Darius' skills have eroded, and he's considered a liability in pass coverage. Gerald Sensabaugh had outplayed him, and done it while making nearly $3 million less.

"Darius has been a punishing hitter from the strong safety position, and he's always been tough against the run. Darius suffers in pass coverage due to his age, and various leg injuries. He no longer has the speed to cover deep.

"Darius will be another veteran leader on the Dolphins defense, and he can be a solid player in the right situations. Darius can be a solid run-stuffer, and blitzing safety."

And now for the lowdown on former Tennessee safety Thompson, courtesy of Stan Jones:

"While Thompson has been a starter for the Titans since he was acquired off waivers after being cut by Cincinati, he has often been heavily blamed for getting burned over the past two years in pass coverage. He is a little slow in recovery in pass coverage, but has excellent skills in run support.

"I think he had a great preseason camp as the starter (including 2 INT's); he was cut due to his salary being well over $1 million for this season. The Titans are starting a player at about a $400,000 salary and a big savings.

"(Thompson) should be a sound addition for the Dolphins secondary. He was a very unexpected cut by most Titans fans."

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