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Dallas quarterback Tony Romo's emergence was one of the biggest stories in the NFL last season, and he got the 2007 season off to a great start last Sunday night against the New York Giants. Romo talked with South Florida reporters this week about Sunday's Dallas-Miami matchup at Dolphin Stadium.

Q. Were you surprised by how well your offense clicked in the season opener?

Romo: "I wouldn't say surprised. I think, you're happy to see you got off to such a good start. I mean, you never know what you're going to get in the first week of the season. You know you have a good feeling going in that you have a pretty good team but you never really know how it's going to go, so I was just happy to see won the game really."

Q. Can you talk about your new offensive coordinator, former Dolphins quarterbacks coach Jason Garrett?

Romo: "He's got a bright mind and he's very meticulous, so I think he picks up on little things and I think it's really helped us to go that extra step in some ways and I just think that he has a good understanding of the game and he has a good feel for it, too."

Q. Is there anything that Garrett can help you with because he was with the Dolphins

Romo: "Well, personnel wise he was already talking about how good they are defensively. More than anything else he really felt that Miami has a lot of talented players over there on that side of the ball, so it's a great test for us an offensive unit, but as far as anything specific we're going to attack I don't think there's anything there."

Q. How big of a blow was the suspension of QB coach Wade Wilson

Romo: "Wade acts as like a sounding board and when I'm at practice and when we do something I'll look and I'll be like, I'll turn around and Wade's usually right there and he'll be like, 'Hey, this is what we're going to get and I think we need to do this or look here or here.' He's kind of a guy who has played for so long and he's coached that I'm able to bounce ideas off of him and he gives me great answers quickly and that's really important to me, so I think we're going to miss him for sure but we've just got to keep plugging forward until he's back."

Q. Can you talk about Terrell Owens and his great start to the season?

Romo: "I think T.O. worked really hard this offseason and put himself in position to have a successful year this year. I just think that he really wants to perform well and he's out to prove that he's a dominant receiver in this league and I think we're just lucky to have him."

Q. How was the transition going from Bill Parcells as head coach to Wade Phillips?

Romo: "It's been good. They're different in that Bill uses a few more four-letter words than Wade will, but I think both want to be a very consistent football team and want to have few mistakes, and I think I'm just lucky to have been around two great minds like that in different times."

Q. Would you say the Cowboys offense is in midseason form?

Romo: "Yeah, I don't really use that word just because you want to be in midseason form every time you go into the first game of the year, I mean that's what you prepared six months for is to get in that type of form. So obviously you want to be playing your best going into the playoffs and when the games are most important, but really in the National Football League I can't imagine Week 1 being any less important than Week 12, so I just think that hopefully we're at our top right now. Injuries aside I think you can always improve."

Q. What kind of challenge does the Miami defense present?

Romo: "I think they've got a lot of good personnel. They run a real good scheme and I think you have to account for a few players that play at a high level. They can change the game very quickly, so you have to watch what you do sometimes and try not to put them in too many one-on-one situations. I just think you try to minimize being put in certain situations, like on third-and-10 we don't necessarily want to go one-on-one with Jason Taylor all the time. We might pop a guard to him or something, I don't know."

Q. Is your game plan going to change at all because the Dolphins lost starting safety Yeremiah Bell?

Romo: "I don't think it's going to change our game plan too much. We'll see who's out there and we'll see how they're playing as the game goes on, but I think you're still going to do your same stuff and you're going to go out there and hopefully attack."

Q. Who on the Miami defense concerns you?

Romo: "Obviously, Zach Thomas is a phenomenal player and I think Joey Porter's a really good player. I think they've got a pretty good secondary, too. We'll see how it is now without Yeremiah but I think as a whole, the defensive unit, this will be a great test for us. They're definitely a great challenge and that's definitely the pride of that team I think, so it'll be fun."

Q. What did you trying to improve on in the offseason?

Romo: "I did a lot of things. You probably won't really know a lot of the little things that I do, but I just think I tried to be more consistent as a whole. I tried to look at things that I did, and if I did something once okay, but if something happened twice or three times, those are the things that I was going to look at and try to fix or rectify. At the end of the day you just go out there and you say how can I get better? You look at tape, you look at yourself and you be realistic with yourself and you go and you work your butt off and you try to improve in those areas."

Q. You're not holding anymore, are you?

Romo: "Yeah, my holding days are done. Now I don't even watch when they kick anymore just because I feel for everyone in those situations."

Q. Has that question come up a lot in the last three or four months?

Romo: "Yeah, three or four."

Q. How would you compare the atmosphere under Wade Phillips as opposed to Parcells?

Romo: "Well, I think with Nick Saban and Bill Parcells, I think they are really always looking at the worst side of things. In other words, they're in the game of if we don't do this right this is going to happen, whereas I think some of the other guys look at more the glass is half full, and not that that's good, bad or right or wrong. I think that Bill at least was a little bit more, when he's on edge and he's getting other people on edge he feels as though his team is going to play better, where Wade feels as though is team is going to play better when he's upbeat with a good attitude and showing confidence in you, whereas Bill wants you to kind of play out of fear once in a while. I don't think there's a right way or a wrong way, I just think those are their coaching styles and I'm sure it's a similar situation over there in Miami."

Q. How difficult to handle is the absence of WR Terry Glenn?

Romo: "It's hard. Terry's a great, great player and I don't think you can replace a Terry Glenn. For me I think he's phenomenal and I think it's going to be difficult, but I'm just going to try and work with some of these young guys and I think we'll be OK."

Q. In light of the New England "scandal," are you worried about other teams stealing your signals?

Romo: "Offensively I don't think so because it comes through the headset. You know, I don't know what happened or I don't know the situation, I think you're talking about the New England stuff? I think if they did it, that's too bad. You always want there to be purity in the game and that part of it would be too bad, but who knows, maybe every team does it, I don't know."

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