Cameron: 'This Can Be a Good Team'

Cam Cameron's message the day after the Dolphins dropped to 0-2 with a 37-20 loss to Dallas was pretty simple: The team is just making mistakes and those mistakes will get corrected. And toward the end of his 20-minute session with reporters, Cameron said the words that made everyone take notice: "This can be a good team."

Needless to say, it was the kind of comment that the media pay attention.

"I noticed you guys writing that down," Cameron commented.

Cameron was asked why he believed the Dolphins can be a good team after the way they were manhandled by Dallas.

"Number one, Dallas is a good team," Cameron replied. "Number two, I believe you win with people. Good people find a way to rise above any circumstances they're dealing with.

"The bottom line is we'vfe got to continue to get better. This group of men care and they don't feel about what happened."

Nor should they.

Cameron also made it a point to put the Dallas loss on the entire team, although he later said he thought the kicking game had a great day -- with the exception of the game-changing 49-yard punt return it gave up to Patrick Crayton after two procedure penalties made the Dolphins re-kick.

MUM ON RICKY: Cameron refused to address Ricky Williams' status in the offseason, saying he wanted to concentrate on the players on the roster, and his stance hasn't changed.

Cameron was asked to comment on the possibility of Williams asking the NFL for reinstatement on Oct. 1, as his agent told The Associated Press late last week.

"I'm going to keep our approach," Cameron said. "I want to stay consistent with that and keep the focus on the guys in that locker room right now."

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