Zach Discusses Concussion

Zach Thomas did everything in practice on Friday, but that didn't mean much because there was no contact. The bottom line is we still don't know whether Thomas will be in the lineup Sunday against the Raiders. In the meantime, here's what Thomas had to say about the concussion he sustained in the home opener against Dallas two Sundays ago.

The following is the team-released transcript of Thomas' media session:

On whether he feels he will be ready for Sunday's game against Oakland: "I want to play, but I'm going to make sure it's going to be a medical decision. It's not my choice, but it's something you have to be cautious with. It's been seven years since I had my first one, and I hadn't had any problems since. I was cautious with it last time, a long time ago, and I think I will be fine once I get through with this."

On how he felt while practicing on a limited basis Wednesday and Thursday: "I feel a lot better, I feel a lot better."

On if it is difficult to resist his desire to go full speed: "Yeah, and that is why you have to be honest with the doctors, and I have been honest with them. I would like to be out there. If it is an ankle injury or a knee or something like that, you can kind of fight through it. But when you are messing with your head, it messes with a lot of things, so I'm not going to mess with that. I'm going to make sure to be honest with them. Even if I feel like I can play and get through with it, I have got to be cautious and go with what they say."

On if he expects to receive clearance to play in Sunday's game against Oakland: "I have no idea. I have been limited in practice, and I am getting back in the grove of things."

On if his headaches are gone: "Yes, I feel a lot better."

On if anyone other than Trent Green offered advice regarding dealing with a concussion: "Mainly my agent. He has a lot of clients who have had a few concussions, and he has helped me. Mainly the doctors. (Head Athletic Trainer) Kevin O'Neill, (Assistant Athletic Trainer) Ben Westby and those guys. I've been listening, so I'm going to take their advice and take it from there."

On his thoughts regarding Channing Crowder's performance against the Jets: "I thought he did well, especially coming in to play my position. It's tough to make that transition, to go from Will (weakside linebacker) to Mike (middle). It's a lot of calls he has to make, but he's always been good at that, and always been adjusting, and he's the future, so he did a good job."

On his thoughts regarding LaMont Jordan: "He's definitely running a lot better than a couple of years ago when we saw him last. I guess he is on the leading rushing team in the NFL. We've had our problems with stopping the run, and we're going to have to step up our game this week."

On if he reviews tape of his previous games against Oakland: "No, you can't. You look at us on defense, we're a whole different defense. We have been struggling a little bit, but if you look at the names that we've lost, we've lost a lot of names. We have a lot of new guys on this defense. We're a whole new team, so we don't look at anything in the past, or what they did. They have a whole different coaching staff, and they run different plays, so it's tough to watch any of the games of '06 or '05."

On the greater awareness that exists today regarding concussions relative to when he had his first concussion seven years ago: "I think people are more aware. You are seeing guys being more cautious. You have got to when you are dealing with your head. The helmets are getting much better as well, and a lot of things are getting much better. We don't have those leather helmets like they used to."

On how many concussions he has had: "This is my second one. The first one was seven years ago, and hopefully the next one will be in seven years when I'm playing with my kids, catching a football to the head or something when my kid throws me the ball. I don't know about the history of concussions, but I have read. Yes, I have a history,I guess there is one. I was cautious with that, and I hadn't had any problems since, and I hadn't missed a game. This is the first game I had missed. It was kind of tough."

On why the defense has not played up to its expectations: "We do have 33 new faces on this team, and I know that, too, when you lose a lot of different guys, you have to get comfortable with everybody. When you lose guys like Kevin Carter to Dan Wilkinson to Fred Evans to David Bowens to Jeff Zgonina, those are names, so you have a whole new defense. No one really takes that into account, the fact that we have to get everybody on the same page so we can get that rotation that we have had, and get the defense playing in sync. Hopefully we get that fixed pretty fast, but we have been a little out of sync. It's early, but we can get back to our dominating ways."

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