Culpepper Stays Low-Key

Daunte Culpepper clearly will be the focus Sunday at Dolphin Stadium if, as expected, he winds up starting for the Oakland Raiders. Culpepper didn't address the media prior to Oakland's first three regular season games, but that changed this week because of the expected change in his role. Here is what Culpepper had to say about facing his former team.

Q: Is this an exciting time for you, with Josh McCown having two bad feet and it looking like you might start?

Culpepper: "Well, the thing is I'll be prepared no matter what my role is. If that's to start the game and be ready to be play, I'll be ready."

Q: Lane Kiffin said you knew where Miami was on the schedule? How badly do you want to beat the Dolphins?

Culpepper: "I think football wise, we just want to get another win. But me personally, I was there and it will be a little different in that fact. But as far as just going out and playing football, I just want to go out there and get a win."

Q: How much easier is it to play when you get first-team reps, unlike last week?

Culpepper: It's definitely easier when you're getting more reps; when you're preparing, it's definitely easier. But the thing is when you get out there, you've still got to do it when you get in the game."

Q: There has been a suggestion that you've had problems learning the offense; is that true?

Culpepper: "I guess it's different for every guy. Me, personally I've been in a lot of different offenses. Like I said before, I think me being able to not have to go out and play early like that and get bits and pieces, that helped me out. I've done a lot of studying and a lot of film watching, being able to look at everything and not be put into it from the jump and I think that's helped me."

Q: Is there any personal desire to beat the Fns?

Culpepper: "The thing is I'm a Florida guy, I'm from Florida. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to play healthy in front of the people down there in Miami. But other than that, I feel like now I get a chance to show them who I am healthy."

Q: Did you decline to the media in the first three weeks because you were not playing?

Culpepper: "I've always been the type of guy where I don't have a whole lot to say. And I still don't have a whole lot to say right now. It's all about getting ready to play. And I feel like since I touched the field that, yeah, it's obvious I need to address you guys a little bit."

Q: Are you ticked that Miami waited so long to release you?

Culpepper: "To be honest about it, everything, all my feelings and thoughts about everything that happened in the past when I was down in Miami, is well documented. You've got to do some homework if you want to know my thoughts and feelings. I know y'all get the AP. It's on the wire. I know y'all read it. So if you want to know all that, do a little homework. But as far as us doing what we've got to do to win this game, I'm willing to tell you about that."

Q: Are you fueled by the experience in Miami after Cam Cameron chose Trent Green over you?

Culpepper: Absolutely. Absolutely. Because, obviously you get a chance to play against a team that you played for. That's the bottom line. But football wise, like I said, it's all about getting the victory."

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