The Worst Possible Scenario

Be honest, before Sunday's game against Oakland, what loomed as the worst possible scenario for the Dolphins? Clearly, that would have been Daunte Culpepper shining, Trent Green struggling and the Dolphins losing to fall to 0-4. And the way things have gone this season, we should have known that's exactly what would happen.

It had to be a simply marvelous day for Culpepper, who made his first start for the Raiders because of Josh McCown's injuries and got to stick it to the Dolphins.

He even had some fun with the fans at Dolphin Stadium, pointing to his knee after his second rushing touchdown and then giving the OK sign.

And then to cap it all off with a third rushing touchdown in the final 30 seconds of the fourth quarter, well, it just doesn't get any better for Culpepper.

For the Dolphins, it was painful enough to watch Culpepper have a big day, what it made it worse was watching Green having another bad day at Dolphin Stadium.

It's a nasty pattern Green is developing so far, this playing well on the road one week, then playing poorly at home the next.

On Sunday, Green had a marvelous passer rating of 55.1, thanks to two interceptions -- one that set up Oakland's first touchdown, another that stopped a Dolphins drive in Raiders territory.

Culpepper, meanwhile, had a passer rating of 102.4, although he only had to throw 12 passes because Oakland was having so much success running the ball.

That, of course, has become normal for Dolphins opponents. The Dolphins give up yards and yards on the ground every single week. They also drop drop passes every week. And they can't rush the passer.

But Sunday was different. And it was because of Culpepper's return to Miami.

He wasn't great, by any stretch, and he was very efficient. He also led his team to 35 points.

Green, meanwhile, was erratic.

To say Green is the cause of the Dolphins' 0-4 start is unfair. So is suggesting the Dolphins would be much better off if they had kept Culpepper.

But on this day, it was clear the better quarterback was wearing another uniform. And on this day at least, Culpepper had the last laugh.

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