A Sad Sight

Watching Trent Green get down to try to throw a block on Houston defensive tackle Travis Johnson, we couldn't help but fear the worst and dread that it was a disaster waiting to happen. Sadly, that's just what happened and now we're left to wonder whether that was the last time we'll see Green in uniform.

It was confirmed that Green sustained a concussion on the play, marking the second time in two years he had taken that kind of blow to the head.

Green's physical condition was a major topic of conversation after the Dolphins acquired him in the offseason, and we don't need to remind of Jason Taylor's quote that Green was one hit away from being "scrambled eggs."

It was both sad and scary to see Green out cold near midfield at Reliant Stadium. It also was bad that Johnson taunted Green after the play -- although it must be pointed out that Johnson was made that he got chop-blocked, not taunting an injured opponent.

Green accompanied his teammates on the flight back from Houston, but declined to talk to reporters.

It might be premature to suggest anything, but we can't help but get the feeling Green will decide his long-term health is being jeopardized if he continues playing and will decide to call it a career.

If that happens, it will make it another disappointing quarterback acquisition for the Dolphins, who just can't seem to catch a break at the position -- although some of it is their own doing.

As was the case with Daunte Culpepper, the problem here is the Dolphins got Green with his best years behind him. In short, they got a replica of a Pro Bowl quarterback.

So what now if Green indeed is done? It has to be Cleo Lemon for at least the next couple of weeks.

Nothing against Lemon, but he is what he is, which is a decent backup quarterback. The Dolphins offense didn't do a lot of damage with him running the offense, and two drives that stalled at the Houston 38-yard line wound up killing the Dolphins' chances against the Texans.

What the injury to Green might do is accelerate the timetable for rookie John Beck getting into the lineup. It's one thing to stick with Trent Green if he's struggling, but Cam Cameron likely won't be as patient with Lemon, particularly once the Dolphins are mathematically eliminated from playoff contention.

Unfortunately, it's looking like that's going to happen pretty soon. Sunday's game was one the Dolphins easily could have won, just like the opener at Washington.

But they again found a way to lose. Except this time, that wasn't the big story of the day. Rather, it was the sad sight of watching Green's career very possibly coming to an end.

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