The Denver Broncos have enjoyed tremendous success at Mile High Stadium over the years, and there have been suggestions from time to time that part of their advantage is visiting teams having a hard time dealing with the altitude.

It's one of the challenges facing the Dolphins this Sunday, but it's not exactly as though the Dolphins are worried about it.

"I played up there before, and I was fine," said defensive end Jason Taylor. "If you get it in your head that it is, it can be."

The altitude didn't seem to bother the Dolphins in 1999 when they traveled to Mile High Stadium for their opener in a Monday night game and left Denver with a convincing 38-21 victory.

Quarterback Jay Fiedler has never played in Denver, but sees no reason why it should be a big deal.

"I've never played up there," he said. "I don't know what kind of effect it might have."

From his end, Denver head coach Mike Shanahan would like to believe the altitude could give his team an advantage for Sunday's game, but he thinks the outcome will come down to other factors.

"I always say it's an advantage, but I know you guys won't fall for that, so I probably shouldn't go down that path," Shanahan said. "We've been pretty fortunate at home for the last 27, 28 years. Some people say it's the altitude.

"I'm sure there's some factor there, but I know it's not going to be the difference in this game." on the altitude:

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