Ginn Going Home

Sunday's game at Cleveland is an interesting one for Dolphins rookie Ted Ginn Jr. for a couple of reasons. For one, he will be on the same field as Browns quarterback Brady Quinn, and we all know about their connection from the draft. More importantly for Ginn, Sunday's game represents a homecoming for the Cleveland native.

Ginn touched on both subjects and more Wednesday in a conference call with Cleveland writers.

On being happy about returning to Cleveland: I'm very happy. I get to have my family there and my close friends that can't really make it out here to Miami. This gives me a chance for them to come out and see me play an NFL game."

On whether he's worried about his slow start: Not really. Ohio State is about the same. I didn't really get started until about the sixth week, seventh week into the season. Now I'm just back in the same boat. It's all a process. I just get better and better as we go on and keep pushing and keep playing and good things should happen."

On the biggest difference between returning kicks in the NFL and college: "They always teach you to go north and south. In this business, that's what you have to do is just go north and south instead of east and west. That's the only big difference between college and pros, it's more north and south than east and west. In college you can just do whatever you want, really get around and make plays and things like that. But here there are so many guys that are fast that stay in their lanes that are disciplined, you've just got to hit it and go."

On the ongoing discussions about Miami's decision to draft him instead of Brady Quinn: "Right now I'm not into that. Whatever he is going through is what he's going through. Right now I'm just trying to concentrate on the team and do what I can do for the Miami Dolphins. Brady Quinn and Ted Ginn, that situation should be over with. We both are with our teams and trying to make our teams the best that we can make them. I really stay away from if Brady Quinn was here or I was there. It's really just B.S. We are where we are and we've got to just go on."

On adjusting to life as an NFL player: "It's cool, you know. I'm in a new environment, a new place. Right now what I'm doing is just trying to go out and learn everything. I just want to be comfortable to go out and make plays and not have to think and things like that. People might say, 'Well, it's five weeks into the season, you should know everything,' but it's not like that. You've just got to come in and take your time. When the time is right, I think everything will be flowing just like we want it."

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