Behind Enemy Lines, Part 1

To find out about this week's Dolphins opponent, the Cleveland Browns, we checked in with the Orange and Brown Report's Barry McBride to ask him some questions about the team and this week's matchup. Part 1 focuses on Brady Quinn and the Browns offense.

Q. From a Dolphins standpoint, the first thing that comes to mind is, from what you've seen, did the Dolphins make a mistake in not drafting Brady Quinn?

McBride: As an Buckeyes alum, I had an opportunity to follow the career of Ted Ginn at Ohio State, and he's an exciting player. Quinn, however, seems like he's everything the Browns hoped he would be when they traded next year's #1 pick to the Cowboys to draft him. After a little bit of a rocky start, Quinn learned the Browns playbook and looked very good in his pre-season appearances. If it weren't for an extended training camp holdout, he probably could have given Charlie Frye and Derek Anderson a run for the starting job. We haven't been able to see much of Quinn since the pre-season, since Romeo Crennel closes most of practice to the media, but the buzz out of the locker room has been positive about how Quinn is throwing in practice and his readiness to play. As far as whether the Dolphins made a mistake in drafting him, that's going to be dependent on how Ginn and Lemon do, or whether the Dolphins can grab another quarterback this year. At this point, though, the Browns seem to be very happy that Quinn was available.

Q. There's no chance we'll see him out there on Sunday, is there?

McBride: Barring injury to Derek Anderson or an unexpected blowout where Crennel would feel confident playing the rookie, you shouldn't expect to see Quinn play. The Browns will keep Quinn on the sidelines as long as Derek Anderson plays respectably, which he has done so far this year.

Q. The Browns offense has come to life after a dismal performance in the opener; what's the biggest reason?

McBride: The first thing the Browns did after that game was to jettison then-starting quarterback Charlie Frye in favor of Derek Anderson. Anderson is mistake-prone, but he does deliver the ball quickly and seems to be a better fit for the offense Rob Chudzinski is running than the eager-to-run Frye. The key factor, overall, in my opinion, has been improved play from the offensive line. The Browns made a very significant investment in their offensive line over the last two off-seasons, which is paying off handsomely for the team and giving Anderson enough time to find the team's dynamic pass catchers, WR Braylon Edwards and TE Kellen Winslow.

Q. There was some talk the Dolphins were going to take Braylon Edwards with the second overall pick in the 2005 draft before they instead went with Ronnie Brown; what kind of player has Edwards become?

McBride: Edwards showed good signs before going down with an ACL tear as a rookie. Last season, he came back ahead of schedule but wasn't 100 percent and had some issues with drops. This year, however, the Browns are seeing the player they hoped to see when he was drafted in 2005. Edwards has become a prolific pass receiver, and a favorite target of Derek Anderson. He has really helped Anderson by improving his route-running and making some acrobatic catches that other receivers might not have been able to make in recent weeks.Edwards has become a key part of the Browns attack. For example, Edwards' completely fooled Ravens CB Chris McAllister on an inside fake a couple of weeks ago -- the result was a 78-yard touchdown reception which really took the Ravens out of their game plan and from which they never recovered.

Q. Where would you rank Kellen Winslow among NFL tight ends?

McBride: He's clearly top five at this point, and seems to be getting better and better as time goes on. He's an exceptional athlete and a real energizing force for the Browns offense. Last week's game against the Patriots was the first time all year that he's been significantly slowed down, and it was clear that Belichick's defensive scheme was expressly intended to stop him. Winslow wound up with a TD catch, regardless.

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