The Denver Broncos offensive line has had a nasty reputation over the years because of sometimes questionable blocking tactics, but things haven't been as bad since the NFL started cracking down on chop blocks. But as far as Jason Taylor is concerned, the Broncos still are not above bending the rules.

"I think every offensive line has a little bit of dirt in them," Taylor said. "Denver, they're downright muddy sometimes, and everybody knows it around the league.

"They have cracked down a little bit on it and fined some of the those guys and they cut back on it somewhat. But just watching film this morning I saw some blocks that weren't quite within the rules of the game."

Taylor already has been the victim of an illegal chop block this season, a play that resulted in Detroit guard Tony Semple being fined by the NFL.

But Taylor also knows the best way to combat questionable tactics.

"It's not going to get called," he said. "You have got to go out there and play, and what better way of shutting them up than getting off a block and making a play."

When asked about the Denver offensive line's tactics, defensive tackle Larry Chester said they weren't any worse than other offensive lines around the league.

As far as Coach Dave Wannstedt, he's more concerned about the ability of the Broncos line than its tactics.

"The NFL has done a really good job of emphasizing a lot of the potential hazardous and low chop blocks," he said. "They're good, they're one of the best offensive lines in the league. That's where my focus is."

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