Mueller on Chambers Trade And More

On a day when the Dolphins followed the trade of Chris Chambers to San Diego by releasing starting safety Donovin Darius and put defensive lineman Chase Page on injured reserve, General Manager Randy Mueller talked to South Florida media about the day's events and other topics.

Here is what a team-released transcript of Mueller's comments:

On the impetus for today's trade: "It's not like we were trying to move Chris (Chambers). I think it was an opportunity for us to improve as a team and we had some teams looking to us, so there was a good match."

On if the team would have made this trade if its record was 3-3: "That's a good question because you don't know what would have transpired in those three wins. Obviously, at 0-6, we're looking for answers. We're looking to change some things, and we've kind of had change on our mind since last February. This is kind of a continuation of that."

On the trade's impact on Ted Ginn: "I think the opportunity is there for him and Derek (Hagan) now. We felt like they were ready to take the next step to get more opportunities. Chris (Chambers) has done a good job. It's really nothing against Chris. I probably should take this opportunity to thank Chris. He's been outstanding. He's done everything we've asked him to do, and he's been a professional as he has handled this as well. But I think it does open up some opportunities for the young guys."

On Chris Chambers' reaction upon learning he had been traded: "I think he was a little surprised. Obviously he had been here for a long time and was very comfortable. I think he's going to a place that it will be a good fit for him. I know they're excited to get him."

On how long he and the Chargers discussed this move: "Just a couple of days."

On if talks with the Chargers had been ongoing since preseason rumors that the team was looking to deal Chambers: "Not really, we had no discussions with anybody. Obviously with the trade deadline being today communication picks up around the league. A lot of things get bantered around with a lot of teams, but nothing seemed imminent until the last day or so."

On if he thinks this improves the team in the long-term: "You hate to put time frames on it, but we're 0-6, so draft picks are valuable to our team right now. A second-round pick is good value for us and we felt we did well in the second round last year. Hopefully we can duplicate that with this pick. I think the two things that make the trade or not are the guys who replace Chris (Chambers) and then what happens with the pick. The jury is still out on that."

On the influence Chris Chambers' salary had on the deal: "It really wasn't an issue. We're in good shape cap-wise, so that was not a factor."

On Cam Cameron's personnel role: "I think Cam is just like I. We talk many times every day about what we can do to shake it up a little bit. When you're 0-6 you're going to think of a lot of things. You're going to want to change and try to do something a little different to improve."

On if Wayne Huizenga approved of the move: "Wayne has always backed us in any move. He's always been willing to let us make those decisions, but he is in the loop on all those things."

On how Wayne Huizenga is dealing with the team's early season struggles: "He's been outstanding, very supportive. No one is happy at 0-6, so if all of us weren't a little owly I would question any of us. He's been very supportive and really his demeanor hasn't changed. He wants to win just like we do, the quicker the better."

On the importance of seeing John Beck play this year: "We'll see how the next few weeks go. I don't know. I think at some point his day will come. When that is, I don't know. I don' think there is a specific book that you can say ‘hey, this is when you need to show your future quarterback.' We'll see. We obviously like Cleo (Lemon) a lot. Cleo won the backup job in camp and for right now he's going to be the starter."

On if the team entertained any trade offers for Jason Taylor: "I would only say this, we have a lot of communication with a lot of teams and I kind of like to keep all of that private. So I really wouldn't comment on any players or teams that we talked to."

On how he explains moves like this to veteran players: "I think our goal is to win every game every week. I don't think this sets us back from that. They see our younger players as well. Hopefully they have confidence in the guys we have. We do. That's why we're able to make this move."

On his evaluation of the 2007 draft class and of Jason Allen: "I think the draft, everybody wants to judge it as quickly as they can. We obviously like our draft this year. Time is going to bear out whether it's been a good group or not, but we feel good about the guys. Obviously, Samson (Satele) starts, Reagan (Mauia) starts, Brandon Fields starts, Paul Soliai plays a lot and (Ted Ginn) plays a lot. We've got a couple of other guys that we feel good about in the future. We've got a couple of undrafted free agents that are helping on special teams – Courtney Bryan and (Edmond) Miles – so it's a good group of guys. We feel okay about that. With regard to Jason (Allen), his day is coming. He's going to have to play at some point. We thought the move back to safety might accelerate that a little bit, and maybe give him an opportunity sooner."

On his thoughts regarding Joey Porter: "I think sometimes when you come in as a high-priced free agent, you have a big target on you, there's no question. He was hurt in camp, and he's picking up a new system. It is a different defense. I think sometimes we want to measure those guys on paper with sacks and tackles. I'm not sure we're asking him in all areas to do that. He's adjusting, and I think he's been playing fine, especially the last couple of weeks. He seems more comfortable last week than the week before. But when you pay guys big money, that comes with a lot of expectations. Time will tell if we match those expectations."

On if he attributes the defensive problems to having lost players during the off-season: "I'm not really one to jump on what we would have had had we brought all the guys back. I think you always make tough decisions every year on who you can have back and who you can't. Some of that is based on salary as well, so we have to juggle salary cap. I don't think any of us foresaw where our defense would be right now. There are a lot of reasons why we think we're where we're at, and we're really trying to improve to get it right and get it better. I'm sure it's a little bit of everything."

On his gut feeling regarding the Trent Green situation: "Don't know, and can't really speculate. It's going to take some time still to let it all sink in, and I know that there are some medical guys still waiting to weigh in. Trent is having discussions with those around him and with Cam (Cameron). I just think it's too early to speculate."

On if he feels Chris Chambers fully was given a chance to succeed in Miami, given the situations surrounding his seven seasons with the Dolphins: "I don't know what happened before I got here. I know the last couple of years, he's been fine, he's been solid. I think it's been up and down offensively for this team for the last decade or so, or however long it's been. I don't think anybody is blaming Chris, that's for sure. I think he's done what he thought he could do, and sometimes it's about the people around you as well, and I guess I'm agreeing with that, so I don't have any blame on Chris, or any issues with the way he's played."

On the level of pressure to be better than average with the next several draft classes: "I think there's a lot of pressure. I think that's fair. I think we expect to be better than average. I'll be disappointed to be not better than average. The track record will show that. Hopefully we'll get more right than wrong, but it's not an exact science. We hope to have a few extra picks so we can continue to have a young nucleus of players that has been void here for a few years."

On if he wants to see Jason Allen play to find out if he's capable of playing at this level: "We see him in practice a lot. We see him on special teams some. He'll get his chance, and he'll get his opportunity. I think we'd all like to see him play in a game, but when you have guys who you think are playing better at the time or are a better match-up, you're not going to get to see him quite as much, but he'll get his opportunities."

On if the Chris Chambers trade will have a domino effect on the playing time of other players such as Lorenzo Booker: "Different position, and different role maybe. Who knows? Our offense is still evolving, and it's still improving. I think we'll have a role for Lorenzo at some point. I know Cam (Cameron) has been adamant about that. It's just a matter of time with him. I don't know if the two are related in any way."

On why teams are reluctant to say they are "rebuilding": "I'll be honest, I think, in this day and age with free agency the way it is, you're almost retooling ever year. Every year is a retool. Some have further to go than others. I think teams are worried about sending the wrong message, and nobody wants to hear about rebuilding. But at the same time, with this league set up like it is, you have a lot of change every year, and you'd better be ready to deal with it"

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