Green Gung-Ho About Playing

Trent Green made it very clear on Wednesday that he wants to continue playing and that all he's waiting for right now is to get medical clearance to get back to practice. He touched on that topic as well as the actions and words of Houston defensive tackle Travis Johnson during a media session after practice.

Green said he has discussed with his wife and children his desire to continue playing despite having two concussions in the last 13 months, and said his family trusted he would make a decision that would not jeopardize his long-term health.

"They've very supportive of whatever decision I make," Green said. "I've gotten great support from my family. They obviously want me to be healthy, but they also want me to be happy."

Green indicated he has not felt any symptoms from the concussion since the day it happened, Oct. 7 at Houston. He also said he has passed every test given to him.

Green suggested doctors have been hesitant to give him medical clearance because of the proximity of the two injuries, and also said he didn't know what doctors could see in upcoming days and weeks to make them change their mind.

"I would like to play again," Green said. "What remains to be seen is whether they will give me clearance.

"Right now, it's just finding someone to clear me, and I don't know if there's anybody out there who's eager to do that."

Green did take some snaps and throw some passes during practice on Wednesday, but when he will actually practice -- if it ever happens -- no one can tell.

As for the injury itself, Green talked about the reaction of Texans defensive tackle Travis Johnson, who taunted Green while he lay unconscious and after the game ripped into him for what he perceived as a dirty block.

"The Texans have gotten word to me that he wishes a lot of hadn't happened," Green said. "A lot of it was just a knee-jerk reaction -- no pun intended.

"I don't want to injure anybody, it's just that in that split second I have to decide, do you go high and give up 120-plus pounds or do you go low? I was trying to protect myself, I wasn't trying to hurt him.

"Obviously, it didn't work out too well for either of us."

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