The Dolphins figure to get a chilly reception when they get to Invesco Field at Mile High on Sunday evening, and we don't just mean from the Denver Broncos faithful.

It's going to nippy on Sunday night in the great state of Colorado, with the early forecast calling for low temperatures dipping below 40 degrees.

It's a far cry from the oppressive heat the Dolphins played in last Sunday when they beat New England at Pro Player Stadium.

"It's hot here. It's cold there. We get in pretty good condition out here," said CB Sam Madison. "That's what home field advantage is all about. Just like we say that we want the heat down here for an advantage, they feel the same way.

"If you let it into your mind that it's going to be cold and that it's at a high altitude, then it gets into your mind while you're out there playing. We're focused. It doesn't matter. We could play in a parking lot. We'll be prepared."

The Dolphins have had good success playing in cold-weather games in the last two years, going 3-1 against Buffalo and New England in four road games played either in late November or December.

"It's football," said safety Brock Marion. "When it gets real cool and the sweat starts going, that's football weather. You can go out and run all day. We ain't going to worry about the rain, the snow, the weather, whatever. We're just going to go out and play football."

Defensive end Adewale Ogunleye, a native of New York, is one Dolphins player who actually wouldn't even mind a little snow, although he's not going to get his wish on Sunday night.

"It will be fun," Ogunleye said. "Let's get it on. I'm from New York, so when I picture football from when I was growing up it was snowing and guys were just having fun."

For most players, though, they refuse to make the weather an issue.

"I'm not really concerned about the weather," said DT Tim Bowens. "I'm just going to go out and play."

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