How Low Can It Go?

It was expected to be an ugly and painful afternoon at Dolphin Stadium, and it turned out to be all that and more. Don't let the 49-28 final score fool you because this game was a blowout, and the Dolphins got banged up as well. In short, things hardly could look worse after the seventh consecutive loss to start the 2007 season.

Both Renaldo Hill and Ronnie Brown sustained knee injuries during the game, and there was no word after the game as to the severity of either injury.

Maybe it's fitting that both players were injured in big plays for New England. Hill was hurt when he unsuccessfully tried to cover Randy Moss in the end zone on a 50-yard touchdown pass in the second quarter. Brown was hurt while trying to tackle Pats DB Randall Gay during his return after he picked off a Cleo Lemon pass in the end zone.

The Dolphins can't afford to lose either player, Brown because he's by far their best offensive player and Hill because they already have a shortage of usable safeties.

Come on, even before Hill was injured, the Dolphins had to use Cameron Worrell, a guy they signed in the offseason as a freen agent because of his special teams play and nothing else.

After Hill was hurt, the Dolphins had to go with Jason Allen as one of the safeties because rookie free agent Courtney Bryan also was hurt.

That's bad.

We knew the secondary was a sieve heading into this game and that was why there was no logical way to suggest the Dolphins could remotely slow down the Patriots' aerial attack.

Guess what? The Dolphins can't slow down anybody these days. They gave up 41 points to Cleveland before they gave up the 49 to New England -- and, make no mistake, the Patriots could have scored a lot more had they not pulled Tom Brady early and late in the fourth quarter.

With Brady at quarterback, New England scored touchdowns on six of eight possessions. That's ridiculous.

So where do the Dolphins go from here? Wow, that's a great question.

Coach Cam Cameron stressed after Sunday's game that his players are professionals and would continue to keep working and keep working to get things right, but does anyone really believe things will get significantly better this season?

Uh ... no. Let's face it, the Dolphins are just a very bad teams right now, and they're not good enough at any spot to have any kind of hope. They should be able to sneak a win or two at some point in the season, but we're not even sure anymore.

Taking anything for granted with this team simply isn't wise.

This surely isn't what the NFL had in mind when they picked the Dolphins to appear in the first regular season game in Europe. But that's what they're stuck with.

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