When Sunday afternoon rolls around, the Dolphins usually trying to win a game. But they will be watching some NFL football before getting ready for a prime-time game.

Former Dolphins coach Jimmy Johnson used to say he would prefer to play every game at 1 p.m. on Sunday, preferably all at home.

But the Dolphins won't have the luxury because their national prominence has landed them in prime time on four different occasions this season.

Besides the additional exposure, what playing at night means is a different routine.

"We end up watching some of the other games," said quarterback Jay Fiedler. "You have to kind of get out of your bed. You can get caught into a deal where you are sitting around all day and then you get stiff and it's hard to loosen up for a night game.

"Our normal routine is getting up, getting out of bed and going and playing. When you sit around in bed all day it kind of stiffens you up. My routine, and I don't know about any of the other guys, but I plan on getting up and moving around a little bit and getting my body loose for the night game."

The normal routine is one that defensive end Jason Taylor likes. And it's why he's not particularly excited about playing on national TV.

"No, every game is big," he said. "It doesn't take a nationally televised game or a big opponent to get you going, or at least not to get me going. I mean, every game is … it's the best job in the world and to get to go out there and do it on TV every week, whether it's national or local, it's a big deal to me.

"I'd rather get up in the morning and get going. It's much better to get up at 7 and get in your routine, eat your pre-game meal and get ready to go to the stadium than sitting around all day."

For Coach Dave Wannstedt, playing at night means an adjustment, but it's the Monday night contests that can present problems.

"Sunday's easy," he said. "We'll have all our meetings Sunday morning rather than Saturday night. By the time the meetings are over, it'll be around noon and the early game's coming on and then we've got pre-game meal and chapel and everything at 2:30 or 3 and then we're heading to the stadium.

"So Sundays are easy. Monday is when you have to be creative as a coach. Sunday is no problem because of all the games and shows. And, plus, it's a 6:30 (Denver time) kickoff, so we'll be at the stadium by 3, 3:30."

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