More Reps for Beck

While Dolphins coach Cam Cameron has refused to make a snap decision as to who his quarterback will be against the Bills next week, his decision to split the first-team snaps between Cleo Lemon and rookie John Beck Wednesday may have tipped his hand.

"One thing that I visited with the quarterbacks on, we'll do that. We will balance the reps out," Cameron said, adding that Beck will receive "close to" half the snaps.

Beck had been working with the scout squad for most of the season. When Trent Green was sidelined with a concussion last month, Beck moved up to No. 2, but still was receiving a small portion of the first-team snaps.

"I'm obviously excited for the opportunity to take some more reps in practice and will try to make the most of them, try to improve my game," Beck said. "The situation is definitely different than when I first got here so I'll just try to make the most of it, the way I practice, prepare each day."

After four average appearances by Lemon, in which he has fumbled twice and thrown four interceptions for a 70.0 passer rating, the obvious move seems to insert Beck, especially with an 0-8 record and the 29th-ranked pass defense of the Bills coming up.

"I think we go back and look at what Cleo has done," Cameron said. "Look at it objectively. I think Cleo is well aware, just like I am, the focus becomes, when you're not winning, becomes the head coach and it becomes the starting quarterback.

"That's a new experience for him. We aren't even 48 hours from being back from London yet, you've got to go back and then look at it. How has he played? He's done some awfully good things. He hasn't played a lot of football.

"We've got issues in all three phases -- kicking game, defensively and offensively. You're always looking for ways to get better, and the quarterback position is no different."

The Dolphins canceled Thursday's practice and the players will be off until Monday. That doesn't mean that Beck won't be doing some serious homework to be ready to take over for Lemon.

"I'm going to take some time off," Beck said. "But I'm going to take a laptop with film. I'm going to make the most out of whatever time I can."

Lemon, who has only four career starts, realizes that it's a competitive position.

"We hadn't gotten a win and that's what I'm measured by," Lemon said. "When you fall short, it doesn't stop you. I'm a professional. That's the nature of the business and if you don't get it done, there are other options available out there."

Beck seemed tired of answering questions about being a 26-year-old rookie.

"No, I don't even think of that one bit," he said. "I'm not concerned about my age at all. I came in this league a couple of years younger than Roger Staubach did when he first came in.

Actually, the Hall of Fame Cowboys quarterback was also 26 at the start of his rookie season.

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