Beck's Reaction

Cam Cameron confirmed Wednesday afternoon that John Beck indeed would start Sunday against Philadelphia, and added that the plan right now is for Beck for start the rest of the season. Cameron said he was pretty much leaning toward going with Beck from the moment Sunday's game against Buffalo ended, but made the decision official on Wednesday. Here's what Beck had to say about the move.

This is the team-released transcript of Beck's interview with South Florida media on Wednesday.

On his reaction to being named starting quarterback: "Obviously, I am excited for the opportunity and want to make the most of it. I've been working really hard in practice and on the sideline at games, and trying to prepare myself for when the opportunity would come. Now it's here and I want to make the best of it."

On if playing on Sunday will be different from playing in preseason games: "Definitely, and I think the time since then has really helped me prepare. Being able to run our scout-squad offense against our first-team defense has been able to help me in the adjustment of getting used to the speed of the first-team game and of a real NFL-like game. When I'm on the sideline of a game, I'm always trying to put myself in the quarterback's shoes of what would I do and what needs to be done to get us into the right play. Up to this point, I've tried to do as much as I can. I just want to continue that on a daily basis to prepare myself for Sunday."

On what has changed during the last three days to result in the decision to have him start: "Nothing was told in regards to why there was a change. We want to win football games, and it came to the point where coach is giving me this opportunity to go out there and try to help the team win. Our focus right now is all about Philly. It's all about watching film today after practice and learning what we can to prepare ourselves to have a great Thursday practice."

On his comfort level with the offense: "The opportunity of getting split reps the past couple of weeks has definitely helped up until this point. I feel like my comfort level with our offense of getting used to my guys I'm going to be running with in the game, so it was good for me to have that time with them leading into this point."

On what he anticipates from his first start: "I'm just going to try to take it as I think it will be. That's really all I can do until I taste it for myself. I've seen a lot of games at Philly, I've been watching tape on them and I have a couple of players that I played with in the past that are on Philly now. I'm going to try to soak in as much as I can about what the environment is like and talk to people who have been there. But really, as a rookie, I just have to taste it when I get there, deal with it and play football. That's the big thing is I don't want to try to do too much. I want to go out there, manage the game, do what we need to get done and just play football."

On if he has told his dad he will be the starting quarterback on Sunday: "I haven't told him yet. I told him yesterday there might be a chance and then today I sent him a text at lunch time. I don't know what's happened since then, but I'm sure he's excited, as a lot of my family will be. Just having the opportunity to play – this is why I play the game. I play the game to be able to play in games, so I'm just trying to make the most of it. I tried to give my best today in practice in preparation for this Sunday."

On the quarterbacks meeting at which he learned he would start: "At the time the best thing was how comfortable I feel with coach. I feel like I'm in a great situation here in Miami. I really like our coaching staff. I think the way that Coach (Cam) Cameron is treating this situation is the correct way and the right way. He told us quarterbacks a long time ago that you're not going to be on the field until he feels that you've earned it. I've really tried to step up my game in practice the last couple of weeks, especially since I've had the opportunity to get half of the snaps. I tried to work as hard as I can to prepare myself. Now it's a day to day thing. I can't right now start looking at Sunday. I can't do that. Right now I've got to look at today's practice on film. When I wake up tomorrow morning, I've got to be thinking about tomorrow."

On being prepared to face adversity as a rookie quarterback: "I just want to be smart with everything I do. Obviously, the first game you don't want to try to do too much, but also you can't hold back. I'm going to try to find that balance of doing what I can but not trying to do too much, and just always trying to help the team and trying to help my play so that it's not negative and it's always helping the team."

On having Trent Green as a mentor: "Trent has been huge in my development. I know Trent would rather be the guy in the game and the guy out there, but since he had his injury and he's been on the sideline, he's been a great resource for me. You see a play there and boom, I go right over to Trent, ‘In this situation, what do you think? Tell me what you'd do here.' His eyes have been through a lot, and he's been playing this game a long time. He's been playing at a high level. You don't go to Pro Bowls unless you're a good player, and Trent definitely is. To be able to tap into that as a resource and say, ‘Trent, what's this?', it's been great."

On his comfort level with calling plays and reading defenses: "I don't think the coaches are going to put me in a situation unless I'm comfortable, so I'm doing my best to do everything they ask me to do. I'm sure to that point, they're going to feel comfortable if I feel comfortable, and we're going to stick with that."

On how he can be effective despite having not taken a snap in a game for several months: "The biggest key is, I think, the way I practice. I've tried to make practice, especially today, like it's a game. I try to go at that level and at that pace because if you're treating every practice like it's at game speed, then when you go into the game, you're going to be used to that. You're not going to have to step it up because it's a game day. Just play the way you practice. That's really what I've been trying to do."

On playing his first game in a hostile environment at Philadelphia: "If you're a Philly fan, you probably love that environment. Going in there, that's football nowadays, and that's how it has to be. You're going into someone else's place trying to get a win. There is not a single person in that stadium that's a Philly fan that's going to want you to have a chance, and that's just the way the game is. When you play this long enough, it just becomes part of the game. You just go into the stadium, focus on what you can do, not worry about the fans, not worry about the environment and not worry about anything but what you can do."

On the possibility of having increased fan interest in this game because of the change at quarterback: "As far as from a player's standpoint, we just focus on this because it's a game. It's great to have the fan support that we do. I know it's probably tough because of the way the season has been going. It's good to know that if there are more people tuning in this week, we want to go out there and perform our best and do the best that we can."

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