Final Game 10 Observations

Tuesday is the one day off for every team in the NFL; for us, it's the day we take a final look at the most recent game before we start focusing on the upcoming opponent. So here are some final thoughts about the 17-7 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

The big story for the Dolphins last Sunday was the NFL debut of quarterback John Beck, who it seems to us got a free pass from a lot of observers.

Yes, he had to make his first start in a tough environment and, no, we shouldn't have expected too much because he is a rookie and the Dolphins are limited offensively, but that doesn't change the facts.

And the facts are that while he didn't turn the ball over and didn't take any sacks, he also didn't do anything to offer assurance that he'll be the long-term answer at quarterback.

We weren't asking for him to throw for 300 yards and three touchdowns, but we would have liked to see one throw where he zipped a pass in there or one throw where he showed great touch, and those didn't happen. His two long completions actually were loose spirals that just got there.

Yes, the weather conditions weren't ideal, but again, there's a lot riding on this guy to produce and his first effort just didn't cut it.

FOURTH-DOWN CALL: Cam Cameron justified his decision to go for the touchdown on fourth-and-goal from the 1-yard with his team down by 10 points with 6:45 left by saying he felt that would be the best touchdown opportunity his team would have. Yep, that's wonderful, but failing to come away without any points pretty much would seal another loss for the Dolphins and, guess what, they hadn't been able to score on their first three downs after having first-and-goal at the 1. That was a bad call, period, end of story. We will say this, however, the play never had a chance because there never was any fake going the other way to catch the Eagles off guard. Beck didn't sell a handoff or bootleg to the right in any way, shape or form.

JASON ALLEN ON FIRE: Wow, what is going on with that guy? Yep, his second interception was a gimme, but his first against the Eagles was very impressive because he made a great break on Donovan McNabb's throw downfield. We still need to see more from him to convince us he can be a quality starter beyond this season, but his recent play might buy him a little more time in Miami because as of a month we wouldn't have expected him to be around much longer.

GINN OVER QUINN: It's too easy to praise Ted Ginn Jr. for his punt return for a touchdown; rather, we'd prefer focusing on his work at wide receiver against Philadelphia. The guy flat-out is becoming a pretty good player on offense for the Dolphins. Brady Quinn, meanwhile, continues to sit on the bench in Cleveland. So can we please put an end to that story?

FALTERING FEELY: Jay Feely had his second miss of the season on a 47-yard attempt against the Eagles, and his first miss also came in same tough circumstances in London. Then again, didn't Cameron explain that the main reason for dumping Olindo Mare and going with Feely was that he wanted a kicker who could deal with adverse weather conditions? Not saying Feely hasn't been an upgrade over Mare, but just wanted to point that out.

CROWDER FODDER: Channing Crowder led the Dolphins in tackles starting in Zach Thomas' spot at middle linebacker, and that's all good. But why is it that it never seems Crowder makes any plays of significance? We keep hearing about how much potential he has and all that good stuff, but the truth is he's yet to become much of an impact player for the Dolphins defense.

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