Because it's a division game and the last one before they head into their bye, the Dolphins shouldn't have any problems getting motivated for Sunday's clash with the Buffalo Bills. But nobody figures to be more pumped up for that game than guard Jamie Nails.

Nails was drafted by the Bills in 1997 and spent the first four seasons of his NFL career in Buffalo.

Nails became an unrestricted free agent after the 2000 season, but the Bills made no effort whatsoever after a new coaching staff took over early in the following offseason.

In fact, they never even talked to Nails, who wound up spending the 2001 season out of football before becoming a starter with the Dolphins.

"They don't know me and I don't know them," said Nails.

Throughout his tenure in Buffalo, Nails was told by offensive line coach Carl Mauck that great things were in store for him — but only if he lost some weight.

"He would tell me in meetings at the end of the season, you've got a lottery ticket, it's all a matter of what you do with it," Nails said. "He would talk to me in front of the guys and tell me, ‘I wish I was in your position. You've got a lot of potential.' "

But Nails is holding no grudges toward the Buffalo organization, and that might be because he's having so much fun now that his career has been rejuvenated in Miami.

"I really enjoyed (playing in Buffalo)," Nails said. "I had a lot of fun. It's a great organization. I enjoyed playing for Wade.

"I'll look forward to going back up there and getting a chance to be on the visitors' side for a change."

Nails still keeps up with his former team, reading about them every week and talking with wide receiver Eric Moulds and guard Ruben Brown, among others.

As for wondering whether he would be starting in Buffalo this year had he lost weight sooner, Nails has no time to look back.

Who knows?" he said. "I'm just glad everything worked out. I didn't want to sit out a year, but things worked out. I'm in Miami, I'm happy.

"They did what they felt was best for the team at the time. Those are decisions that come along with the job."

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