The Dolphins might have to do some different things on offense this week because of all the injuries at the wide receiver position. But it will have nothing to do with the change at quarterback from Jay Fiedler to Ray Lucas.

The truth is that Fiedler and Lucas' skills are very, very similar. In fact, other than their personality they're almost a carbon copy of each other.

Wide receiver James McKnight was asked this week about the difference between the two, and his answer was: "One's black, one's white."

Both quarterbacks are good athletes who can make plays either scrambling or passing.

"Both are pretty mobile," said fullback Rob Konrad. "Ray might have a little stronger arm and Jay might be more accurate. For the most part, they're the same guys."

The one big difference between Lucas and Fiedler is the way they run the huddle. Fiedler is always calm, while Lucas admits he's not shy about getting in a guy's face if it's going to help motivate him.

"They're both leaders," said guard Jamie Nails. "They take control in the huddle. Jay takes control silently. Ray is a little more vocal. But they're still both leaders."

As mentioned before, the Dolphins might wind up doing some different things on offense because of the injuries to wideouts Chris Chambers and Oronde Gadsden, both of whom are question marks for Sunday's game.

But it won't be anything significant because Lucas is so similar to Fiedler.

"There'll be no adjusting our offense," said guard Todd Perry. "The same plays are being run. We've done nothing different this week. We've got a game plan, we're just continuing as is."

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