Redefining Ineptitude

For some reason, the Dolphins' loss to the Jets came as a surprise to some folks, folks who believed this would be the week. After all, the lowly Jets were coming to town, the Dolphins had gotten close the last several weeks, losing three of their last four by three points each. But what have the Dolphins really done to give anyone confidence they would get it done?

It's been pointed out that the Dolphins has been hampered by playing in bad conditions in recent weeks and that's contributed to their struggles.

True, but bad weather also has a way of evening two teams and it's reasonable to think -- even logical -- that the Steelers would have beaten the Dolphins by a whole lot more than three under normal circumstances.

The Jets, on the other hand, are a bad team. No question about it.

Their new quarterback, Kellen Clemens, looks marginal at best. Their defense has been porous all season, particularly against the run.

But look at this Dolphins offense, who do they have that really inspires fear in opponents?

Ted Ginn Jr. maybe? That's big maybe, because even though he's shown promise, he's clearly not polished yet and won't be a factor on a weekly basis.

Who else? How about nobody?

Just look at the names on offense: Beck, Gado, Hagan. Booker. Booker. Chatman. Not a big-time playmaker in the bunch.

On defense, sure, there are some big names and the guys have played better of late, but again, just think back to the conditions. Holding the Steelers to three points, with all due respect, was no great feat in that slop at Heinz Field. Early in the season, the Dolphins were getting run on at will and opponents also had big success passing the ball.

The Jets on Sunday killed the Dolphins with a couple of shovel passes to running backs because the Dolphins need to blitz to generate pressure and that leaves their DBs out of position to help out in run support.

The bottom line is the Dolphins are just a really, really bad team right now and to think they would automatically beat the Jets because the Jets were 2-9 and the game was home was foolish.

We're not saying it's a lock the Dolphins will go 0-16, but predicting when the Dolphins might win is an impossible task.

It could happen against the Bills next Sunday, against the Ravens in two weeks, maybe even against Cincinnati in the regular season finale.

Notice we left out the New England on Dec. 23 because we frankly can think of no scenario where the Dolphins could win. Even if the Pats have clinched home-field advantage throughout the playoffs and rest all their stars, their backups are still much better than the Dolphins' current team.

That's the biggest problem for the Dolphins. Their normal starting unit isn't great, but it's not horrible, either.

But the Dolphins came into this season with a dramatic lack of quality backups, and now those backups have been forced to play because of so many injuries.

The results are what we're seeing these days. And it's not pretty.

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