The Dolphins will be looking for a 3-0 start in AFC East competition for the seventh time in team history when they play host to Buffalo Sunday afternoon. Can they do it? Here's how we see the game unfolding.

The arrival of Drew Bledsoe and the Bills would seem to indicate this should be a fairly high-scoring game, simply because Buffalo has been able to score on everybody this season.

But also remember that the Dolphins have totally shut down the Jets and Patriots in their last two games at home.

The key for the Dolphins on defense is crystal clear: They need to get pressure on Bledsoe. They did it against Tom Brady and Vinny Testaverde and prospered; they didn't do it against Kansas City's Trent Green and got picked apart.

On paper, the Dolphins appear to have a big advantage at the line of scrimmage, particuarly in the matchup between Bills tackle Jonas Jennings and Jason Taylor.

Regardless of where he lines up, look for Taylor to get double-teamed probably the entire afternoon.

The Dolphins are not a team that blitzes all that much, but that could be a good strategy because Buffalo has a young offensive line and because Bledsoe doesn't move very well.

Another way to slow down Bledsoe is to keep him on the sidelines.

That means Ricky Williams running the ball. This is exactly the type of game for which the Dolphins acquired Williams, and given how bad Buffalo is at stopping the run Williams could rush for 170 yards in this game.

But somehow you get the feeling Buffalo is going to stack the line of scrimmage and dare the Dolphins to throw the ball.

That's where Ray Lucas comes into play. His performance in the preseason was simply dazzling, and there's reason to believe he can have success throwing against Buffalo.

Once he does, that should entice Buffalo to back off at little bit, which means more Ricky.

Make no mistake, this game looks a lot tougher now than it did a couple of months ago. But also remember that this is the Dolphins at home, where they usually play great defense.

That, plus the running of Williams should be enough to get the Dolphins past Buffalo. But it won't be easy.

The call: Dolphins 24, Bills 17.

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