Final Game 12 Observations

Tuesday is the one day off for every team in the NFL; for us, it's the day we take a final look at the most recent game before we start focusing on the upcoming opponent. So here are some final thoughts about the 40-13 loss to the New York Jets.

There's really no need to once again say how embarrassing that game was because that's just too obvious. Think about it, the Dolphins got outscored 30-0 after they took a 13-10 lead in the second quarter. Yikes!

Which brings us to what looked like a horrible call on the Michael Lehan fumble return for a touchdown.

Can someone please explain how Channing Crowder was flagged for his block on Jets running back Leon Washington and it was considered an after-the-play foul.

Makes no sense.

The block in question was not a dead-ball situation. Sorry. It occurred while Lehan was completing the touchdown.

Yes, the block was unnecessary because Washington wasn't going to catch Lehan, but it's an illegal block, then why does the touchdown stand? And, no, it did not look like an illegal block. Cheap? Probably. Illegal? Don't think so.

Bad call. And it's not like the Dolphins can afford to have bad calls made against them.

Then, to compound matters, Vernon Carey gets called for unsportsmanlike conduct on the extra point and the two 15-yard penalties push the ensuing kickoff to the Dolphins 8-yard line. Ridiculous.

Almost as big of a joke as New England kickoff off from the Baltimore 35 Monday night after back-to-back post-touchdown penalties on Ravens linebacker Bart Scott.

Anyhoo, on to other topics from the game:

BUMBLING BECK: Maybe that's why Cam Cameron didn't want John Beck to make his first NFL start at home. To put it mildly, it wasn't pretty. Beck just looked bad. As in, real bad. In his defense, he's got practically no weapons around him and the play-calling is absurdly conservative. It's not a good sign when the biggest applause for the home team comes after an incomplete pass -- just because for once the Dolphins actually took a shot downfield. Bottom line is it's too early to make any judgment on Beck, but it's obvious he's not off to a flying start.

RUNNING ON EMPTY: It's also not helping that the Dolphins running game, which was so good early in the season, has been nonexistent in recent weeks. It was one thing when the Dolphins couldn't run against the Steelers, because no one runs on the Steelers, but it's not a good sign when you can't run against the Jets. The Dolphins already have lost Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams to injury, and now Jesse Chatman is banged up, too. So against the Jets, the Dolphins were using Samkon Gado, with Patrick Cobbs the next option. No offense, but that's not good.

O-LINE SHUFFLING: The offensive line has been a constant all season, but there was a change in the second half of Sunday's game when Cameron yanked left guard Chris Liwienski in favor of Cory Lekkerkerker. We're not sure whether Liwienski deserves to be blamed, but it was obvious the O-line did not have a good game against the Jets. That's all the Dolphins need, for the one area of the team that's exceeded expectations to start regressing.

GIVING UP: Finally, it's been suggested that the Dolphins simply quit in the second half of the Jets game. We're not sure we're exactly buying that notion, but it's clear that a feeling of "Here we go again!" has to hit the team whenever something bad happens. It's pretty much inevitable. This is, after all, a team that can't have any success without something immediately going wrong. Shoot, even the touchdown that gave them the lead was accompanied by bad news. That was just so typical of the way the season has gone. It's one step forward, two steps back. Guys quitting? Only they know. Maybe it's more a case of players who just can't handle any more adversity in a season that's been filled with nothing but adversity.

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