Zach: I'll Be Back

One day after being placed on injured reserve, Zach Thomas decided to have a little fun. So he put on some coaches' shorts, pulled them up high, put a whistle around his neck and strolled out to practice with his teammates. Afterward, though, Thomas got serious when he talked about the concussion-related problems that landed him on IR.

Thomas spoke to reporters for about 15 minutes on Wednesday and ended his media session with this statement regarding his future with the team: "I'll be back, trust me. I'll be back as a Miami Dolphin unless somebody tells me otherwise."

Coach Cam Cameron, for his part, choose to focus on the short term and refused to speculate on Thomas' future while also saying "he's our Mike linebacker."

"I'm not going to get into speculation about next year," Cameron said. "My focus is on this year. There's no benefit for us to get too far ahead of ourselves."

Thomas expressed disappointment in the decision to put him on IR in a team-released statement Tuesday, but on Wednesday he said it was the right decision. As he had in a conversation a couple of weeks ago, Thomas said he didn't want to put in a situation 10 years from now where he would look back with regret at not abiding by doctors' decisions.

"I understand the decision by the team," Thomas said. "Yesterday was tough. I want to be involved because you're never guaranteed the next year."

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