Taylor: Dolphins a close group

Dolphins defensive end Jason Taylor sacked the rumors of dissension on an 0-12 team that seems destined for the first winless season since the 1976 Buccaneers, but he didn't exactly credit coach Cam Cameron with keeping the players together.

"You guys are in here every day," Taylor said to the media. "You see these guys, you see the camaraderie in this locker room, the dominoes, playing the card games, the yukking it up. I think we're probably closer right now than we've been in a long time. I think it's because the adversity you're going through. When you go through things like that you draw closer together to the guys that you know have your back.

"We spend more time together than we do at home so I think we're closer together through the 0-12, unfortunately, than we have been in a long time."

Taylor didn't give a ringing endorsement to Cameron when asked how his solid relationship with former coach Nick Saban compared to his current coach.

"It was different, it was different with me and Jimmy (Johnson) and me and Dave (Wannstedt)," Taylor said. "It's a new program, a new system, he's got to establish himself with what he wants to get done and we're all trying to win games at the end of the day."

Taylor was asked if he believes in Cameron.

"We better. We got a game in 3-4 days. I know I believe in the guys in this locker room, we're going to play together. We're going to stick together. We're going to fight this thing out. We'll put our best foot forward," he said.

Whether the injury-decimated Dolphins are unified or not, they'll need to score some points if they hope to beat the 6-6 Bills in what's expected to be a freezing day in Buffalo. The Dolphins have lost three straight to Buffalo and six of the last seven. They've averaged eight points over the last five games, and haven't had an offensive touchdown since rookie quarterback John Beck took the reins three games ago.

Ironically, the Bills also are starting a rookie quarterback in Trent Edwards. They also have 12 players on injured reserve, and they're also down to their third-string running back (Fred Jackson), but they're in the thick of a playoff run, while the Dolphins are in the thick of an imperfect season.

"They run around. They play fast, they're making plays," Taylor said. "I don't care how many injuries they have or where they are stats wise. ... I don't care if they have a rookie quarterback. He's played well. I think he's 4-1 as a starter. They're going to line up 45 NFL players and we will too and we'll need our best game going up there."

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