Here's a breakdown of how every unit on the Dolphins performed in the 23-10 loss to the Buffalo Bills.

QUARTERBACKS — Ray Lucas said after the game he might have played the worst any quarterback ever played in the NFL. Give him some credit for being a stand-up guy, but unfortunately he may not have been that far off the mark with his assessment. To say Lucas had a bad day would be kind. He was off target with a large majority of his throws, threw into coverage too many times and made questionable decisions far too often. Grade: F

RUNNING BACKS — Ricky Williams rushed for almost 100 yards and probably should have been used more often given the way Lucas was struggling. Williams' fourth-quarter fumble was huge, although it's difficult to determine whether Lucas or Williams was at fault for the botched handoff. Rob Konrad was used occasionally in the passing game, although the Dolphins maybe should have used him more often. Robert Edwards picked up a few first downs as the third-down back. Grade: B-

RECEIVERS — The Dolphins played without Oronde Gadsden and Chris Chambers, and there's no question their absence hurt the Dolphins offense. But Dedric Ward and James McKnight were not the reason the offense struggled so badly. McKnight did bobble a pass and that caused him to get stopped short of a first down in the third quarter, but the Dolphins got the first down later anyway. Randy McMichael made some plays at tight end, including his first-quarter touchdown. Desmond Clark also had a big catch to set up McMichael's score. But the bottom line is the receivers didn't make that many plays because Lucas was getting them the ball. Grade: C+

OFFENSIVE LINE — This was a game where the offensive line really needed to step up to make Lucas' job easier — and it really didn't. Marcus Spriggs, who had done a good job in his first two starts for Mark Dixon, had a rough afternoon. Somebody badly missed a blocking assignment on a first-quarter play that resulted in Lucas fumbling as he was about to hand off on a reverse. There were some holes opened up for the running game, but the Dolphins didn't do a good job blocking defensive tackle Pat Williams, who made play after play for Buffalo. Grade: C-

DEFENSIVE LINE — The Dolphins held Buffalo's high-powered offense to under 300 yards and sacked Drew Bledsoe five times so there obviously were a lot of good things done up front. The pass rush was very good, with Rob Burnett in particular having a great game. The one drawback was the loss of contain on a few runs where Travis Henry got outside. But overall, it's tough to complain with the work of the front four. Grade: B+

LINEBACKERS — Zach Thomas may have had his best game of the season. He was active, made a lot of tackles and also had a sack. Derrick Rogers didn't do a good job against the run, as he was pinned inside on a couple of big outside runs by Henry. Morlon Greenwood was very quiet, as it usually the case. Grade: B-

DEFENSIVE BACKS — With the exception of Bledsoe's 70-yard touchdown pass to Eric Moulds, the Dolphins secondary couldn't have done a much better job of coverage. On that play, Sam Madison anticipated Moulds cutting inside after about 15 to 20 yards, but Moulds kept streaking down the sideline and easily beat Madison. The other negative was the lack of a turnover, something the Dolphins obviously could have used. But when you hold Bledsoe to under 50 percent completion percentage and hold him to 182 yards passing, you're obviously doing a lot of things right. Grade: B+

SPECIAL TEAMS — Travis Minor was one of the bright spots for the Dolphins, as he averaged 27.8 yards on kickoff returns with a long of 46. Dedric Ward also was very good on punt returns with a 13.5 average. Mark Royals had a good day punting and Olindo Mare made his only field goal. The coverage teams also were very good. The only negative was an ugly fake field goal attempt that came up short of the first down. Grade: B

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