Think Dolphins fans would have liked to see Jay Fiedler be able to enter Sunday afternoon's game the way Ray Lucas was struggling so badly? Think those some fans who have made a habit of criticizing Fiedler mercilessly over the past couple of years have changed their mind and decided he's not so bad after all?

Those are legitimate questions to ask after Lucas butchered his first regular season start in a Dolphins uniform and almost single-handedly caused the 20-10 loss to the Buffalo Bills.

Make no mistake, the Dolphins don't lose to Buffalo if Fiedler is playing at quarterback.

Fiedler will never be a flashy enough quarterback for the taste of some Dolphins fans, but what happened Sunday reinforced why Fiedler is such a good fit for the Dolphins.

The Dolphins don't need the quarterback to win games. They need the quarterback not to lose games.

Lucas himself said he lost the game for the Dolphins.

He has two weeks now to get his game back on track, and it's difficult to envision him playing anywhere this poorly again.

As Lucas suggested, perhaps his biggest problem was that he was so jacked up he was overthrowing passes and forcing things.

Maybe the loss and the bye will calm him down and get him to play more like he played in the preseason.

Obviously, Lucas is nowhere near as bad a quarterback as he showed Sunday. But it's also clear he's not as good as many thought after his great preseason.

And the bottom line is he's not better than Fiedler, otherwise the Dolphins would have made him the starter.

It's funny when you think about it, Fiedler has done a lot of good things for the Dolphins since becoming a starter in 2000, but he may have won more fans on Sunday standing on the sidelines with his thumb in a cast than he did in any of his 27 first starts with the Dolphins.

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