Short-term Solution

So it's back to Cleo Lemon at quarterback for the Dolphins, and that clearly accomplishes the goal of giving them their best chance to beat the Baltimore Ravens Sunday. Is it the best move for the future of the organization? No, but this is about the present and trying to avoid history of the worst kind.

"This season is not about one guy's development," Coach Cam Cameron said Wednesday. "It's about this team and its opportunity to win this week."

We've already stated our case that from an organizational standpoint we feel this is a bad move because the Dolphins need to find out as much as possible about John Beck the rest of this season so they have an idea about what they need to do at quarterback in the offseason.

The point needs to be made, however, that maybe the Dolphins just can't get a true read on Beck this season because the supporting cast is so bad. Think about it, the team is playing a backup at running back, the tight end is mediocre at best, and the receiving corps has nobody that will scare any opposing defense.

On top of that, the offensive line has regressed in recent weeks instead of continuing its progress.

Beck's performance on Sunday at Buffalo was indicative of a guy who might not be ready to deal with being a starter at this point.

And it's pretty clear the Dolphins offense wouldn't have much of a chance for success against Baltimore with him at quarterback.

Besides, the feeling was that the veterans wanted Lemon to start because they felt that way as well and because nobody wants any part of being on an 0-16 team.

So Cameron, whose relationship with some of the veterans has been described as less than ideal, probably scored some points with the move.

He also increased his chances of winning a game, which might be crucial to his job security.

Whatever you might think about the idea of dismissing a coach after only one year on the job, it's difficult to envision Wayne Huizenga bringing Cameron back if the team goes 0-16.

So while continuing to develop and evaluate Beck might be best for the Dolphins in the future, that future might not include Cameron if they go 0-16. So his focus is more on not finishing 0-16 than anything else at this point.

Who knows? Maybe we'll see Beck starting again this season, although we don't figure that'll happen unless the Dolphins beat the Ravens (because they're not beating New England).

At this point, the Dolphins' season indeed should be about one guy's development, that being John Beck, of course.

But it's not because the Dolphins don't have one stinkin' victory yet, and going 0-16 is unacceptable to everyone and possibly job-killing for others.

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