Behind Enemy Lines: The Ravens

To find out about this week's Dolphins opponent, the Baltimore Ravens, we checked in with Ravens Insider's Aaron Wilson. to ask him some questions about the team and this week's matchup.

Q: The Ravens have lost seven in a row and are out of the playoffs after going 13-3 in 2006; has the team quit?

Wilson: Not exactly. There are a lot of veterans playing for pride and for job security.

Q: How much motivation is there for the Ravens not to be the first team to lose to the Dolphins?

Wilson: They're supremely motivated not to lose this game. As Corey Ivy told me the other day, it will be insanity if they lose.

Q: Is the defense anywhere near as good as it's been in the past?

Wilson: Not even close. They used to be dominant, and now they're a shadow of their former self. Their pass defense is a sieve.

Q: What kind of year has running back Willis McGahee had?

Wilson: Despite a few fumbling issues, McGahee has been an outstanding acquisition in the running game and the passing game. He has been under-utilized, though. They have barely scratched the surface of his potential. This should have been a 1,500-yard season.

Q: Is Kyle Boller playing for the chance to be the Ravens' QB of the future, or will they go shopping for one in the offseason?

Wilson: Boller has three games remaining to audition for the job. At the very least, he'll be the backup in 2008 as he was signed to a contract extension earlier this year. Despite internal rumors that Steve McNair might get another shot and might not be cut, there's growing noise about possibly pulling off a trade for Donovan McNabb. The Ravens also figure to be in the running for a quarterback in the first round this spring.

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