Dan Marino hasn't played for the Dolphins since the 1999 season, but he's still helping the team win. See, new wide receiver Cris Carter probably wouldn't be with the Dolphins today had it not been for the former Dolphins quarterback.

Carter revealed during a press conference on Monday that he initially told the Dolphins he had no interest in coming out of retirement, but eventually changed his mind. And the biggest reason he did was a talk he had with Marino.

"Marino is crazy," Carter said. "I had squashed the whole idea. Then I tell him, and he just goes ballistic. He's telling me, 'You've got to do it. You can still play. You want to go there.' "

Not only that, Marino told Carter he should call HBO Sports President Ross Greenburg to see if accommodations could be made so that Carter could play again.

"He's the one who said to call Ross," Carter said of Marino. "That was the first time I really felt I might be playing."

A few days later, after wide receiver Oronde Gadsden told the Dolphins he was going to have season-ending surgery on his injured wrist, the Dolphins began negotiating with Carter's agent, Fletcher Smith.

Carter signed Monday and will now begin the process of trying to learn the offense, get himself into game shape and get ready for game action.

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