Dolphins Close to Catching Big Tuna?

The Atlanta Falcons announced on Wednesday that their contract negotiations with Bill Parcells had fallen through, and in doing so indicated the reason was the Dolphins.

Falcons owner Arthur Blank released a statement, which can be found on the team's website, and it reads: "Late last night it was revealed to the media by a source outside the Falcons that we were close to reaching an agreement with Bill Parcells to lead the club's football operations.

"Prior to the information becoming public, we had reached an agreement in principle with Parcells, and we met with him this morning to complete the contract. At that time, we were made aware by Parcells that he was considering a revised offer from the Miami Dolphins. He later informed us that he would not be signing a contract with us.

"We remain committed to looking at every option for building a championship-caliber team for our fans. I have stated we will leave no stone unturned in doing so, and this effort is one example of that. We gave it our best shot, and it didn't work out.

"We will continue down the same overall path, proceeding with plans to hire a general manager and a head coach. We will identify and consider every strongly viable candidate for these positions, with the goal of hiring the best. Rich McKay remains President of the club and will retain general manager responsibilities until a new GM is hired.

"We will be making no further comment on the Parcells matter."

The interesting portion, as far as the Dolphins are concerned, is the one relating to Parcells considering "a revised offer" from Miami.

That obviously means, if we are to believe Blank, that the Dolphins already had made Parcells an offer because you can't have a "revised" offer without an original one.

The thought is that Parcells would be hired as general manager, which would mean that Randy Mueller could be on his way out the door after only one season in charge of personnel. It's also possible that Parcells could be hired as a president in charge of football operations, but either way it's hard to envision him coming to Miami without having final say on personnel matters.

Then there's the issue of Coach Cam Cameron, and what Parcells would do if he were to join the Dolphins.

The addition of Parcells certainly would make a splash in Miami, where there has been little but bad news in recent years.

There has been no comment coming from the Dolphins, nor would we expect one, but Blank's statement makes it pretty clear The Big Tuna could be joining the Dolphins soon.

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