Green Talks About Future

Veteran Trent Green has stuck around this season after being placed on injured reserve and he said Thursday he's often been asked why he just didn't go home after his season ended. His answer to that question is rather simple, just like there's little hesitation when he's asked about whether he wants to return next season or retire in light of his second concussion in two years.

"Oh, I'd love to play," Green said. "I'd love to play. It's what I've done for a long time and I've enjoyed doing it. It's why I'm still out there every day. A lot of guys have asked me over the last weeks and months, why are you still coming out, you're on IR, a lot of IR guys go home. I love it. Any part I can try and help, and help the growth with John (Beck), help Cleo (Lemon) and whoever, the running backs, receivers, linemen, just being a part of it and being involved in it, I love all the aspects of it.

"If I get another opportunity to play, I would love that."

Of course, it's not quite that simple.

Green said on Thursday he still hasn't been cleared to play, although he indicated he was feeling no concussion-related symptoms.

There's also the issue of what the Dolphins will want to do with him. Coach Cam Cameron obviously is a big fan of his, but there's no guarantee Cameron will be back next season.

So Green might find himself in limbo for a little while.

"When they put me on IR, they just said once the end of the season gets here, we'll kind of evaluate it," Green said. "I feel great, once again I've passed all the tests. I haven't been cleared yet; that's why they put me on IR. I'm sure that that won't be a problem because I don't have any symptoms and those things. When the timing of that happens, I don't know. And I don't know how all this (the Parcells hiring) changes everything. Will it be done in a week? Will it be done in a month? Couple of months? I don't know."

Although he's clear about his desire to play, it's not a slam dunk that Green will return if the Dolphins want him back because there are a couple of hurdles to clear.

"First step is I've got to get cleared, second step is my wife and I have to make a decision what's in the best interests of our family from a health standpoint and checking with the neurosurgeon what the level of risk is," he said. "Is it any greater than what it was before, those types of things? But, yeah, I would love to play.

"And it's interesting talking to some of the older players, retired players, guys that I have a lot of respect for, I ask them if that ever leaves, and they said no. It doesn't. We'll see, but, yeah, I'd love to keep playing."

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