Changes Coming Soon?

Bill Parcells was at Dolphin Stadium Sunday for the regular season finale, and he couldn't have liked what he saw of the team whose direction is now under his control. And now that the season is over, Parcells will decide whether Coach Cam Cameron and GM Randy Mueller will be part of the rebuilding project.

Parcells said during his press conference on Thursday that he didn't want to take too much time deciding on the future of both teams, and indicated he probably was going to sit down with Mueller on Monday or Tuesday and with Cameron not long after that.

Parcells' history has been to surround himself with people he's familiar with, and that wouldn't seem to bode well for both Mueller and Cameron.

In fact, the feeling seems to be that Cameron is as good as gone.

Already, several names have been mentioned as possible replacements, among them Romeo Crennel, Todd Haley and Tony Sparano.

Some might see it as unfair to dump Cameron after only one season, but the truth he has done little to deserve a lot of faith.

For one thing, we have heard the stories for a while about his less than ideal relationship with some of the team's veterans, most notably Jason Taylor, and there's also the issue of his numerous questionable in-game decisions, whether it be clock management or play-calling. And, of course, there's the decision to keep Lorenzo Booker inactive early in the season only to watch him become a playmaker down the stretch.

As for Mueller, he only was in charge of one draft with the Dolphins, so it's too early to fairly evaluate his work.

But we certainly can say the decision to take Ted Ginn Jr. in the first round was a controversial one, and quarterback John Beck showed nothing this season to demonstrate that making him the quarterback of the future was the right move, either.

Parcells said he had spoken to Mueller before when Mueller was GM of New Orleans and Seattle, but the two don't have a professional relationship.

At this point, it would seem Mueller might have a better shot at sticking around than Cameron, but that's not saying much.

The truth is, it would surprise no one if both Cameron and Mueller were gone.

And it also probably won't take long before those changes are made.

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