The Changes Begin

The much-anticipated changes in the Dolphins organization began on Monday when General Manager Randy Mueller and two other members of the personnel staff were let go. But Cam Cameron remained the head coach as of Monday afternoon.

A press release from the Dolphins categorized the departures of Mueller, director of player personnel Mike Baugh and college scouting coordinator Rick Thompson as the three "leaving the team," although it's pretty clear they were fired as part of the first moves made by Bill Parcells.

Cameron addressed Mueller's departure when he addressed the media in the traditional day-after-the-end-of-the-season press conference Monday, saying he had learned a lot from the NFL veteran.

"It's a tough business and we've been through a tough year," Cameron said.

Cameron held a team meeting Monday morning, during which Parcells introduced himself to the players.

Cameron said he had yet to sit down with Parcells, and he was asked whether he was viewing their upcoming discussion as a job interview.

Said Cameron: "I'm going to treat it as an exchange between two men who want to see the Miami Dolphins succeed."

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