Quarterback Ray Lucas is still bummed out by his performance in Sunday's loss to the Buffalo Bills, and despite the fact his body is aching he would love nothing than to have a game this Sunday so he could start getting some redemption.

"This is horrible," Lucas said Wednesday. "The bye week couldn't come for me at a worse time. That is the way it goes."

Lucas didn't practice either Tuesday or Wednesday because of an assortment of bumps and bruises, including a shoulder injury and a hip pointer, but it wasn't his choice.

While other teammates are taking advantage of a few days off and going away this weekend, Lucas will be in town and figures to throw some balls on Thursday with a few wide receivers who will be around, most notably Cris Carter.

Lucas already is looking forward to getting back to a full practice on Monday.

"Someone needs to tie me down to make me not practice," he said. "It was hard enough for them to keep me out or practice this week."

Lucas said watching film of the game against Buffalo was useful, but also painful.

When asked what he learned from watching it, he said: "That I really sucked that day. My footwork was awful, the little things. I was trying to make the perfect throw and I could see myself steering the ball instead of dropping back and doing what I do.

"I was second-guessing my legs and trying to do everything with my arm. that is not what got me here. After the third time I watched it, I started picking up little things and paying attention to details. Everything is fixable. It wasn't like I was going to the wrong place with the ball. It just wasn't getting there."

If anything good came out of the Buffalo game, it was the support Lucas got from his teammates.

"It feels really good," he said. "If you flip the script and it was somebody else, I would be right there for anyone. I don't care who it is. The older guys were telling me that everyone has a bad day and don't worry about it.

"It feels good to know that Monday night (against Green Bay) all the same guys that I was out there with on Sunday are going to be right behind me. I can't play any worse, so I really can't worry."

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