With the Dolphins done practicing until after their bye week, here are some final observations from Sunday's loss to the Buffalo Bills.

-- As much as Ray Lucas struggled against Buffalo and deserved the large share of the blame, it also must be pointed out that the offensive line really didn't help him out that much.

In particular, the blown assignment on the botched reverse was huge in many, many ways. For one thing, it gave Buffalo a turnover right after the Dolphins had stopped a fake punt and appeared ready to take full command of the game.

Second, Lucas was injured on the play and was never the same after that. Lucas is too much of a stand-up guy to say the injury was a factor, but you can't help but wonder.

In addition, the pass protection was sub-par, and it put additional pressure (no pun intended) on Lucas.

So the O-line needs to pick up its game, just like Lucas needs to improve.

-- Speaking of Lucas, perhaps the biggest mistake he made against Buffalo was always looking to complete a pass as opposed to taking off and scrambling.

The Dolphins pointed out to Lucas before the game that both Oakland's Rich Gannon and Houston's David Carr gained a lot of yardage running against Buffalo and that he could do the same.

But Lucas was too stubborn in trying to force passes, something he admitted on Wednesday.

-- If anybody thought Sam Madison should have gotten help from safety Brock Marion on the 70-yard touchdown pass to Eric Moulds, think again. That one's clearly on Madison.

He admitted as much after the game. Madison simply tried to anticipated the route, and he guessed wrong.

This wasn't the first time Madison had gambled like that, just one of few times he's gotten burned so badly.

-- Coach Dave Wannstedt disagreed with the notion that Ricky Williams should have carried the ball more often against the Bills, and he might have a point, but only to a certain degree.

In the second half, after it became apparent that Lucas was struggling, there wasn't much choice because Buffalo was stacking the line and Williams had very little success anyway.

But in the first half, the Dolphins should have made every attempt to get Williams going. One perfect example came right after the fake punt was stopped. Why not run Williams on first down instead of coming up with the reverse?

Of course, had the blocking assignment not been blown and had the play been a success, we wouldn't be debating this point right now.

The bottom line is that Williams not running the ball enough didn't make the Dolphins lose.

-- Jason Taylor didn't get a sack against Buffalo, but he was a major factor nonetheless. The Bills paid so much attention to him that it made life much easier for the rest of the defensive line, and that group responded in style.

The result was a total of five sacks, the Dolphins' best performance of the season in that category.

-- The loss to Buffalo might have been more frustrating for Wannstedt than any in recent memory, simply because the defense played so well and the offense basically gave the game away.

Said Wannstedt: "When a game is going on and you're seeing the way our defense is playing, it's even more frustrating that those guys stepped up and performed as good as they did. That was probably the most frustrating thing — that we weren't able to take advantage of that."

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