Job Review: Offensive Tackles

Now that the 2007 Dolphins mercifully is behind us, we try to figure out what went wrong. In this series, we'll examine every position on the team, evaluate performances from this past season and assess the likelihood of each player returning in 2008. This installment features the offensive linemen.


Contract status: Restricted free agent

2007 Season: Alabi began training camp as the No. 1 right tackle, but that seemed to be more a product of the coaching staff being unhappy with L.J. Shelton's conditioning and trying to send him a message. Once the season started, Alabi, was a backup and he barely got any playing time.

Will he be back?: Alabi has been in the league three years and we haven't seen a lot of him in action. That must mean something, such as his potential just isn't that significant. It's not likely he'll get much attention as a restricted free agent, so he'll probably be back.


Contract status: Signed through 2008

2007 Season: In his first season as the starting left tackle, Carey did a pretty solid job. He had some issues at times with false-start penalties, but his pass protection was good for the most part.

Will he be back?: Yes. Not only will Carey be back, he figures to be a major building block for the offensive line for years to come. The only question is whether Carey will stay at left tackle or be switched back to right tackle.


Contract status: Unrestricted free agent

2007 Season: Rosenthal was placed on injured reserve in late August with a shoulder injury and was sidelined the entire season.

Will he be back?: Rosenthal has a lot of experience, but he's also not a front-line player, so the Dolphins won't get in a bidding war for him.


Contract status: Signed through 2009

2007 season: After playing right guard and left tackle in 2006, Shelton was moved to right tackle from the start this season. After starting camp behind Alabi, he responded by playing some pretty good football.

Will he be back?: Shelton is scheduled to make $3 million next season, and it's difficult to envision the Dolphins paying that kind of money for a right tackle who isn't elite. So it figures that Shelton will be asked to restructure his contract and might be let go if he declines.


Contract status: Signed through 2009

2007 season: Wilson was promoted from the practice squad late in the season but didn't see any action.

Will he be back?: Sure, because he's young and makes little money. But his chances of making the roster next summer probably aren't very good.


The Dolphins have one solid player at tackle in Vernon Carey and he should be in a Dolphins uniform for a while. But the Dolphins don't have much depth and they also could use a stud, preferably on the left side. Taking a tackle in the first or second round clearly is a possibility for the Dolphins.

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