What Next for Zach?

Zach Thomas made it clear in a statement he released after his contract was terminated by the Dolphins that he wants to keep playing. So where could Thomas wind up? Maybe where all former Dolphins players seem to wind up.

Yep, we're talking about the hated New England Patriots.

Think about it. The Pats are in need of linebackers at this point and Belichick always has valued veterans who can quickly pick up his complicated defense.

Thomas certainly fits the bill on both counts.

Maybe the Rams might have an interest since head coach Scott Linehan got to work with Thomas while he was offensive coordinator of the Dolphins.

The Denver Broncos, who really need a middle linebacker so they can move D.J. Williams back to the outside, could be another fit.

Thomas was released on Thursday partly because of his scheduled salary of $5.65 million for 2008 and partly because he lacks the size Bill Parcells likes in his linebackers, but Thomas looked last year like he still had some good football left in him.

Of course, there's the issue of the concussion and Thomas getting cleared by doctors to resume playing. Because of his age and the concussion, Thomas won't get any team to give him anywhere near what he was supposed to make next season, but one gets the feeling that some team will take a chance on him.

If not, Thomas very well might get into coaching. He has talked in the past about wanting to do that, and his work ethic and the way he has studied film throughout his career would make him a natural for that job.

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