Pre-Free Agency Fodder

Free agency isn't scheduled to start for another week and a half, but that doesn't mean there won't be player movement before then. And the Dolphins could be one of the teams making news, both by signing someone or seeing one of their former players sign with another team. We offer some thoughts on those possibilities.

We'll start with Zach Thomas, who is getting a lot of interest around the league. That's really not surprising, considering the fact Thomas was still a productive player before his 2007 season was ruined by concussion issues.

Nor should it be surprising that New England is among the teams most interested. Thomas visited the Patriots on Monday, and reports indicate that New England made a contract offer.

Next for Thomas is a visit to New Orleans, and he's also supposed to mean with the Cowboys in the near future. The Jets and Bills also are said to be interested, although neither team is ready to compete for a championship, and that's something Thomas has indicated he's looking for.

Dallas clearly is a contender, while New Orleans could go either way next season following their disappointing 2007 showing.

Where Thomas plays may come down to which team is willing to give him more than a one-year contract.

Of course, the way things have gone in recent years, it's a logical assumption to think he'll wind up in New England, where the Dolphins will have to see him first-hand twice a year.

The Patriots also are said to be interested in veteran wide receiver Marty Booker, who was let go by the Dolphins last week. Booker should be no more than a third or fourth wide receiver at this stage of his career, but he probably would be able to put up big numbers playing with Tom Brady.

But regardless of what happens with Booker, that doesn't change the fact the Dolphins made the right move in letting him and his $4.3 million contract go -- just as we still believe the Dolphins made the right move in trading Wes Welker to the Patriots for second- and seventh-round picks even though Welker went on to have a great season with the Patriots.

Finally, we come to the Keyshawn Johnson situation. is reporting that Johnson is contemplating a comeback after spending last season working with ESPN, and it's no secret he and Bill Parcells have a great relationship.

So the thought of Johnson signing with the Dolphins certainly makes sense. But at what price?

The Yahoo report suggested Johnson turned an offer from Tennessee last spring that was worth $8 million over two years. Are you kidding me?

If Booker isn't worth $4.3 million, the same can be said for Johnson at $4 million. The guy, after all, is a possession receiver with average speed. He's not a game-breaker, not a home-run threat, plus he's not getting any younger and he's been out of the game for a year.

We're all for the Dolphins adding talent -- and Johnson does have talent -- but they shouldn't be overspending on anybody and that includes Johnson.

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