Quarterback Brett Favre hasn't missed a start since the 1992 season, and the Dolphins certainly aren't expecting that streak to end Monday night despite the fact that Favre is listed as questionable on the Packers' official injury report.

Veteran guard Todd Perry, who played against Favre for so many years while he was a member of the Chicago Bears, knows better than to expect Favre to miss a game.

Said Perry: "You'd have to cut his leg off for him not be out there."

Defensive end Jason Taylor, like most Dolphins, has the utmost respect for Favre and said last week he would rather face the Packers with Favre in the lineup because he enjoys playing against the best.

"He's a winner, and a leader and a competitor," Taylor said. "You kind of hear it all the time, but it doesn't really get old. He does a lot of things that you really wouldn't expect a quarterback to do. He's going to throw the ball on his back foot, or sidearm, or underarm. And that's what's frustrating for a defensive player. He's going to make some plays you wouldn't expect a quarterback to make."

Favre's streak of consecutive starts is pretty amazing when you think about it.

He has started 164 consecutive games for the Packers. During that span, 155 other quarterbacks have started at least one game for the other 31 gteams.

Jeff George has started for five different teams — Atlanta, Indianapolis, Minnesota, Oakland and Washington — and the Washington Redskins have gone through 14 different quarterbacks.

But while Favre is proud of the streak, he's not going to play Monday just to preserve the streak. He's going to play if he thinks he can help the Packers beat the Dolphins.

"It has no factor whatsoever in playing Monday night, from my end or (Coach) Mike Sherman or from the team's point of view," Favre said Wednesday. "Our objective is to win this ballgame and ballgames in the future, but not at the expense of a streak. It's important only in the sense of being able to play and being able to help this football team. I enjoy playing and I want to be out there, but I don't want to be out there just to keep a streak alive."

Favre hasn't done much practicing since sustaining a knee injury in the Packers' 30-9 victory over Washington on Oct. 27, but he was anticipating getting into it later in the week.

"I anticipate playing (Monday night)," he said. "After the fact, I couldn't be luckier to escape with just a torn ligament on the outside of my knee. I haven't really done anything yet except for everyday treatment. I can't complain."

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