Scouting Report: Ernest Wilford

To get the lowdown on Dolphins free agent acquisition Ernest Wilford, a wide receiver who came over from the Jacksonville Jaguars, we checked in with Jag Nation Editor in Chief Charlie Bernstein. He offers this scouting report on Wilford.

Ernest Wilford is a big, solid target at wide receiver who is a very good blocker and stays healthy. Wilford doesn't have great speed, but adjusts to the ball well in air. He had a problem with drops prior to the 2007 season, but seems to have corrected it.

Ernest has been better at making the highlight-reel type of play than the routine play throughout his career. When David Garrard needed to make a play on third down, Wilford was the first guy he looked to.

One of the main reasons the Jaguars decided not to retain him was the fact that he lacks speed, and they already have huge, slow targets on the outside. Another reason is his age. Despite being in the league just four years, Wilford is 29 years old, and has likely reached his peak potential in the league.

Off the field, Wilford is a fantastic community guy and is very quotable. He's truly one of the good guys in sports and Bill Parcells will love the way he blocks. He should be a very solid complement to Ted Ginn, and he's a great red zone threat.

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