The Dolphins refuse to get themselves worked up over the weather conditions they might encounter Monday night in Green Bay, but it looks like they wouldn't have much to worry about anyway.

The weather forecast for Monday night calls for a low of 30 degrees with only a 10 percent chance of precipitation. The forecast also calls for a wind of about 4 miles per hour.

That's a lot better than what it could have been for a Monday night game at Green Bay in November.

The Dolphins also got good weather conditions for their Sunday night game at Denver, but they face potential bad weather for December games at Buffalo and New England.

Having played at Texas and Georgia, respectively, neither Ricky Williams nor Randy McMichael are used to play in cold weather.

"It gets real cold up there," McMichael said this week about Green Bay, before adding, "The weather only bothers you if you let it bother you."

At some point this season, the weather will be a factor in a Dolphins game. But you will never hear Coach Dave Wannstedt harp on the weather."Obviously, I think it's only an excuse," he said this week. "The last couple of years we've won up in Buffalo and we won up in new England two years ago when it was cold. I believe that it is a mind-set. What we are trying to accomplish is a lot more important, compared to the weather. I believe that's the way our guys are approaching it."

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