Coach Dave Wannstedt has been asked a couple of times already if he would consider pulling Ray Lucas from the game if he gets off to a slow start Monday night at Green Bay. But Wannstedt refuses to think about that possibility.

The way Wannstedt sees it, there is no doubt that Lucas will be bounce back after his disastrous in the 23-10 loss to Buffalo back on Oct. 20.

"He is going to play good," Wannstedt said. "I really believe that and that is how we are going into it."

If Lucas struggles against Green Bay, it certainly won't be for lack of preparation.

He has watched the tape of the Buffalo game at least four times, trying to find exactly what he did wrong in that game.

Like his coach, he's confident things will go a lot more smoothly in his second start, and his teammates might have helped considerably with their support.

"I really can't play any worse," Lucas said. "The best thing for me during the week was that my coaching staff separately came up to me and all of the players had my back, legitimately, not just talking stuff in front of you guys (media) just to say it. It made me eager to come back and to do something. I was a little banged up last week, but it's cool right now."

Lucas understands there will be a tremendous amount of attention on his performance Monday night, but that doesn't make any more important a game than any other ballgame.

"Every game I play is the most important game that I play," he said. "I don't look down the road. Every game to me is a Super Bowl game. I have to prove every time that I go out there that I can play the game. I think a guy who doesn't look at it that way is selling himself short. I want to be here for a while. I say that I can play, but words are just words when you think about it. I have to go out there and do it."

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