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Jason Taylor makes his "Dancing With The Stars" debut on Monday night, and no doubt some Dolphins fans will be curious to see how well the All-Pro defensive end moves on dance floor. For those wondering, Taylor is scheduled to appear second with his partner, Edyta, on Monday night's show. But his dancing ability isn't really what Dolphins are wondering about when it comes to Taylor.

Rather, the big issue is whether Taylor will play for the Dolphins in 2008 or whether he will be traded.

There's also the remote possibility that Taylor could retire, but he said during an NFL Network interview last week that wasn't happening.

He also said he didn't ask to be traded by the Dolphins, that he was under contract with Miami, and that it was up to them to decide what to do.

Taylor, who has been known to speak his mind in the media from time to time throughout his career, took the politically correct approach in this instance. He also took the correct approach for a guy who has been such a presence in South Florida and who is heavily involved in charity work in the area.

Really, now, would it make sense for Taylor to publicly demand a trade, to basically say he wants out of South Florida?

The answer is pretty obvious.

Now, that doesn't mean that Taylor hasn't approached the Dolphins privately about wanting to be traded. We'll just never know about it, or not for the time being.

From the Dolphins standpoint, it also shouldn't be surprising to hear Bill Parcells tell the media the Dophins have no intention of trading Taylor. It's what he's telling other teams that matter.

Won't Parcells look bad if he trades Taylor in a couple of weeks even saying he wouldn't trade him? Maybe, but then again Parcells can always say he was made an offer he couldn't refuse. Besides, does Parcells really strike you as the type of guy who would care what the media or the fans think about him?

The reality is the Dolphins would be smart to trade Taylor if they can get anything of value for him, anything like a second-round pick or maybe a third and a later-round pick.

There's no question there has to be a market for a pass rusher of Taylor's caliber, so it's not like the Dolphins aren't going to get offers.

The Dolphins obviously could use Taylor next season, but they're likely not making the playoffs -- with or without Taylor. They might not make the playoffs next year, either.

Taylor probably has 2-3 good years left, so he's liable to waste them if he remains with the Dolphins. That's the obvious appeal of a trade for him. For the Dolphins, it's the chance to add more draft ammunition to continue the rebuilding process.

It's really the logical move. The Dolphins don't have to hurry to get anything done because there's still five weeks left before the draft and maybe they can get some sort of bidding war going.

In the end, though, we'd probably make it better than 50-50 that Traylor will be traded.

As for his chances of winning "Dancing With The Stars," we'll say they're less than that. Taylor's personality and his good looks should help him advance a few rounds, but the scouting report is he might not be the greatest dancer around.

For Taylor, this is about beginning his post-football career, a career that probably will involve Hollywood. Being in Los Angeles means Taylor will miss the start of the Dolphins' offseason conditioning program, something that probably didn't make Parcells happy.

But remember that the conditioning program is "voluntary," so Taylor isn't violating any rules by dancing. Besides, it's not like anyone worries about Taylor getting himself out of shape before the start of training camp in July.

"Dancing With The Stars" or no "Dancing With The Stars," Taylor undoubtedly will be a highly productive NFL player again next fall. The big question: What uniform will he be wearing?

The comments from Taylor and Parcells aside, it likely won't be a Dolphins uniform. And those who were happy to see Zach Thomas get a chance to win a championship when he signed with Dallas after being released this offseason should feel the same for Taylor.

He's been a great player for Miami for over a decade, but his career is winding down and it makes the most sense to let him finish it somewhere else.

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