It wasn't so much that the Dolphins lost at Green Bay on Monday night that was disturbing. After all, pretty much everyone understood it was going to be a major challenge to try to win at Lambeau Field.

But it's the way the Dolphins lost that was so disappointing.

In short, the Dolphins weren't even competitive. You almost had the feeling you were watching a second-round playoff game.

The Dolphins looked overmatched and never made anything happen on defense while they were busy committing turnovers on offense.

But it goes beyond the turnovers because those things will happen from time to time.

Rather, it was the way the Dolphins were dominated at the line of scrimmage on both offense and defense.

If you watched the game on Monday Night Football, how many times did quarterback Ray Lucas drop back to pass without having someone in his face almost immediately?

How often did Ricky Williams find a defender on top of him almost the second he took the handoff. The guy's a great running back, but he needs some room to maneuver.

The Dolphins offensive line has been playing without Mark Dixon for several weeks now, and the unit's performance has become a major, major concern. Dixon will make a difference when he finally returns, but there's more to it than that.

It doesn't seem like anybody is consistently winning battles up front, and that goes for everyone — from Todd Wade to Todd Perry to Tim Ruddy to Jamie Nails to Marcus Spriggs, who has been atrocious the last two weeks.

On defense, it seems the Dolphins never can produce a dominant performance on the road. They do at home on a regular basis — against the Jets and New England, for example.

But on the road? Even in the victory over Denver, the Dolphins gave up a lot of yardage. Same in the victory at Indianapolis.

This is something that has caught up to the Dolphins in recent years, and the same trend unfortunately is showing up again.

The injury to Jay Fiedler was a killer blow to this team, and now even Ray Lucas is injured and a question mark for next Sunday's game at Giants Stadium against the Jets.

Think about it, if the Dolphins lose that game and New England wins at Chicago — two very plausible scenarios — then the Dolphins would find themselves in a three-way tie atop the AFC East with the Bills and Pats, and the Jets would only be a game behind at 4-5.

The 2002 Dolphins find themselves at a crossroads, and it's very disturbing to hear Coach Dave Wannstedt say his team came out slowly against the Packers.

Something is missing right now, and the Dolphins better find out what that something is fast.

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