QB Question: Henne or Flacco?

Even though taking Boston College's Matt Ryan with the first overall pick of the 2008 draft always is a possibility, the feeling seems to be that the Dolphins are more likely to wait until the second round to take a quarterback. But which quarterback would make the most sense at that spot, Michigan's Chad Henne or Delaware's Joe Flacco?

Scout.com draft analyst Chris Steuber takes a look at the two quarterbacks, breaking down their strengths and weaknesses and offering his take on who he would take.


Strengths: He's a great leader who has the intangibles to be a solid quarterback. He has good size and is strongly built. He's intelligent and operates an offense efficiently. He makes good decisions and takes charge of his team. He has a strong arm and delivers the ball with timing and touch. He displays good accuracy on deep balls and is confident throwing the ball into tight spots. He played against top competition and was very productive throughout his career.

Weaknesses: He has to improve his accuracy and set properly in the pocket. He has to go through his progressions and not lock onto one target. He's not mobile and doesn't make many plays outside the pocket. He holds on to the ball too long and will take unnecessary sacks.


Strengths: Flacco has great size, poise and is a natural leader. He sets up well in the pocket and shows average footwork. He can escape the pocket and make highlight reel throws with his strong arm. He has good awareness and finds the open receiver over the middle. He excels at throwing the ball vertically and quickly locates his receiver downfield. He shows confidence in his ability and isn't afraid to throw the ball in tight spots.

Weaknesses: He's not very mobile and doesn't feel the rush consistently. He's confident and thinks he can make all the throws, but that also gets him in trouble. He tends to pass the ball with too much velocity, which affects his accuracy. He will have a learning curve adjusting to a pro offense. He didn't play against top competition at the collegiate level.


Henne is a great leader and will be a very good professional QB. Flacco has the opportunity to be the gem out of this QB class and has a lot of potential. If you're looking for a sure winner and a player who can take charge of a team right away, Henne is the obvious choice. But if you want a QB that you can develop and groom to be your franchise signal-caller, Flacco is the one you want. They're both great players, but if I was making the decision, I'd draft Henne over Flacco because he's the safer and more polished player.

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