A Big Risk?

Jake Long will become the eight offensive lineman selected in the first round by the Dolphins when they officially make him the first overall pick of the 2008 draft on Saturday. Even though the best offensive lineman in franchise history, Dwight Stephenson, was picked in the second round, the Dolphins generally have done pretty well with their first-round offensive linemen.

2004, Vernon Carey, tackle, 19th overall -- It took a while for Carey to get going, but he has become a more than serviceable starter. Carey will go back to right tackle now that Long is aboard, but he truth is he did a respectable job at left tackle last season. Carey is not a Pro Bowl type of lineman, but he's certainly not been a bust, either.

1995, Billy Milner, tackle, 25th overall -- Yikes! This one wasn't so good. Milner showed very little during his brief time with the Dolphins, although we must point out he did battle some minor injuries. But the best that can be said about Milner is that the Dolphins were able to get solid starting tight end Troy Drayton from the Rams in a trade for him.

1990, Richmond Webb, tackle, 9th overall -- One of the best tackles in franchise history, Webb made a big splash right from the start. His best season actually might have been his first couple in the NFL. Toward the end of his career, Webb was making the Pro Bowl mostly on reputation, but early on he was an absolute rock in pass protection.

1982, Roy Foster, guard, 24th overall -- Another pick that panned out. Foster was a regular in the Pro Bowl, although some will tell you he benefited greatly from playing next to Dwight Stephenson. Bottom line, though, Foster was a very good guard for the Dolphins.

1979, Jon Giesler, tackle, 24th overall -- Giesler never made the Pro Bowl, but he was a very good offensive tackle for 10 years.

1975, Darryl Carlton, tackle, 23rd overall -- This is another pick that didn't pan out. Carlton started nine games in two seasons in Miami before he was traded to Tampa Bay.

1968, Doug Crusan, tackle, 27th overall -- Crusan played seven seasons for the Dolphins, and was a starter for most of his first five. It was a solid pick considering how late in the first round it was.

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