What Is JT Worth?

It seemed a ridiculously high price the Minnesota Vikings gave Kansas City on Wednesday in the trade for defensive end Jared Allen, and one can only wonder what that might have done for the value of Jason Taylor, who continues to be the subject of much speculation.

For those not aware, the Vikings -- their vice president of player personnel, we remind you, is none other than Rick Spielman -- gave up a first-round pick, two third-round picks along with a swap of sixth-round choices that benefited the Chiefs.


Allen is a tremendous pass rusher, as evidenced by the fact he led the NFL in sacks last year and he's a young player, but ... wow!

That just seems like an absurdly exorbitant price, especially given Allen's suspension at the start of the 2007 season.

Taylor has never had those kind of issues, and in terms of ability we'd make the argument he's a more complete player than Allen.

But it's obvious Taylor won't fetch as much as Allen because of his age (he'll be 34 at the start of the 2008 season), his salary and the uncertainty over exactly how long he'll keep playing (uncertainty that only has grown since his impressive showing on "Dancing With The Stars".

Still, given what Allen fetched, it wouldn't seem too much to ask for the Dolphins to get a first-round pick in return, even if it's a pick later in the round.

The incentive for the Dolphins to make the trade is to get younger and get something for Taylor before he retires because it's not likely they'll be a contending team before that happens.

So if they can trade Taylor for a mid- to late-first-round pick, they can draft someone to replace him, say, Quentin Groves from Auburn or maybe a Lawrence Jackson from USC, and get younger at the same time while saving money in the process.

So which teams might be interested in Taylor? Well, you obviously scratch Minnesota from the list, but you still have Detroit (if they don't draft Derrick Harvey in the first round), Carolina, Jacksonville and Philadelphia as teams that really jump out.

Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland said on Tuesday that signing Jake Long early gave him the opportunity to get to work on other draft issues, one of which was working on trades.

Sure, it's not impossible the Dolphins will package picks to move up in the draft, but it's a lot more likely they want to get more picks, and trading Taylor is one way to do that.

And based on what Minnesota gave up for Jared Allen, the price tag for Jason Taylor clearly appears to have gone up.

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